NASA confirmed that the aliens gostevali on the Earth without knocking and invitations

В NASA подтвердили, что инопланетяне гостевали на Земле: без стука и приглашения

An employee of NASA, biophysicist Silvano Colombano has presented his research in which he put forward assumptions about searches of aliens in the framework of the SETI project.

It should be noted that this work is just a few days became a sensation. Naturally, she became popular thanks to the efforts of the large established media.

В NASA подтвердили, что инопланетяне гостевали на Земле: без стука и приглашения

The media immediately saw in the study the scientist’s statement that aliens have gostevali on Earth. But the scientist in their work only allows such an option. However, according to other scholars, the very essence of the study says mankind must change the approach to the search for extraterrestrial civilizations.

В NASA подтвердили, что инопланетяне гостевали на Земле: без стука и приглашения


The scientists also explained that Colombano offers a new analysis of the famous Fermi paradox — the hypothesis that if in the Universe there are alien civilizations, then why can’t we see traces of their activities. But the solution to this question is quite radical. Aliens can be anywhere, says Colombano, because the universe is infinite. Only in the framework of the project Kepler scientists have discovered more than 3,800 exoplanet.

In some cases we are talking about planetary systems, which are more than 11 billion years. The age of the Solar system “only” 4.5 billion years. This means that some of the found extrasolar planets 6 billion years older than our blue ball.

It will be recalled that the aviation office of Ireland has officially announced the investigation of the appearance of unidentified flying objects in the sky in the country. This became known on Tuesday, November 13. On the same day, in the morning, 9 November, several pilots civilian flights have provided a report which was listed the same in the sky for UFO sightings.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that scientists have discovered another sensational mystery of the pyramids in the history. It seems that these mysterious structures will never cease to grow and the mystical myths, and the most unexpected scientific hypothesis. The greatest interest is still a matter of the method of construction of these buildings. Some believe that the pyramids were built by aliens.

Recall, the astronaut commented on the IQ of the Russians, decided to check the feat Armstrong.

As reported Znaia the Russians were going to expose US to the moon.

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