NAFTA: store supply management, ” said Teamsters Canada

ALENA: sauvegardons la gestion de l’offre, dit Teamsters Canada

WASHINGTON — The Teamsters Canada believes that the best compromise is to conclude a new free trade agreement with the United States would be dropping the chapter 19 of the NAFTA.

Chapter 19 provides that an arbitration court decides on trade disputes between the two countries.

The director of public Affairs of Teamsters Canada, Christopher Monette, who attended behind-the-scenes to the most recent negotiations in Washington, believes that the administration, Trump would not touch the system of supply management, particularly as it relates to the dairy industry.

Mr. Monette said that it is absolutely necessary to back up the supply management to protect the domestic producers. Otherwise, he says, the Americans could invade the canadian market. He recalled that the State of Wisconsin alone produces as much milk as the whole of Canada.

The prime minister Justin Trudeau has been clear about its intentions : we do not assign the management of the offer. The four political parties in an electoral campaign in Quebec have also supported without reservation the quebec producers.

Christopher Monette asserts that, in any event, chapter 19 does not guarantee that the United States will comply with an arbitral award. He adds that Canada may still have recourse to an alternative, in particular, bring its dispute before the world trade Organization.

Teamsters Canada represents the interests of 125, 000 workers in all sectors of activity, including 5000 in the dairy industry.

U.s. pressure

In addition, a member of a committee influential in the u.s. Congress urges the federal liberal government of canada to loosen the stranglehold of the State on the dairy sector in order to resolve the impasse in the negotiations of the NAFTA.

Republican Tom Reed, a member of the Committee of ways and means of the House of representatives, said in a television interview broadcast on Sunday that provide a larger market access to u.s. dairy producers could appease president Donald Trump.

Canada and the United States are attempting to put the final touch to a text that could be submitted to Congress at the end of the month and allow Canada to join the agreement signed by the administration Trump with Mexico.


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