Murder in the Kharkiv supermarket overgrown wild parts

Убийство в харьковском супермаркете обрастает дикими деталями

The details of the murder of 24-year-old buyer in the Kharkiv supermarket “Growth”. There a wounded officer of the police guard shot the buyer, who inflicted three stab wounds. Reportedly, the buyer took the goods, went through the ranks and ate, bite, and refused to pay. In response to a request from the cashiers to pay for the goods, said he had no money. The cashier called the security guard. The cause of the incident joined with him in the conflict. Offhand, dinner, the man would cost 140 hryvnia, talk in the supermarket, and in Ukraine.

“He picked up the goods and, as we know, ruined it – had a bite, something else was done to him, tried to leave without paying. Then called our employee, who introduced himself, offered to go to the office to clarify. At this time, the guard of the supermarket and went to call the police for paperwork. Our employee was left alone with the citizen,” says the policeman.

“Our employee was in the service in the supermarket, he was approached by a representative of the store and explained that the cashier is a man who can pay for the products does not want to, behaves inappropriately, and asked to understand, – tells the head of police protection in the Kharkiv region Oleg Gron. – In what condition he was now specify.”

The offender had to withdraw from the supermarket to the courtyard, where the staff of the supermarket kind of “Smoking room”. What he was talking about the policeman and the thief is unknown. However, the conflict reached its boiling point, the offender pulled out a knife and attacked a policeman. He beat the militiaman in the chest and neck. The police fired in self-defense. According to Oleg Gronya, as was the threat to life and health, law enforcement opened fire, in accordance with article 46 of the police Act. The police officer shot twice, both bullets hit in the torso.

Both participants of the conflict were taken to the hospital. 25-year-old police operated, and would-be buyer died. Now the threat to the life of a COP no, he’s stable.

“People often open in the supermarket water and drink. But they have no right to do that. If the client started eating before he paid, then it is an encroachment on someone else’s property. The owner of the products the consumer is getting when it receives a receipt confirmation of payment. Security had to call the police, said the police.

As previously reported by the portal Znayu on Wednesday evening, December 5, in one of the supermarkets of Kharkov there was bloody tragedy, the plot of which claims to be a Hollywood Thriller.

The staff of the supermarket suspected the man of theft and called the police guards. But would-be buyer had attacked a police officer with a knife and was shot.

Shooting in a supermarket Growth of

The video is published, with your permission, the elimination of the attacker, GSO staff in a supermarket Growth of Kiev.
Source: Nikolay Krivolapoff

Geplaatst door Live in Kharkiv op Donderdag 6 december 2018

We will remind, murder in a supermarket in Kharkiv got on video. This footage is not for the faint of heart.


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