Montpellier : two times more cases of shaken baby syndrome in the hospital in 2017

Montpellier : deux fois plus de cas de syndrome du bébé secoué au CHU en 2017

Shaken baby syndrome is still under-diagnosed.

In 2017, the CHU of Montpellier has hosted 16 children who are victims of shaken baby syndrome, compared to 8 in 2016. Four are deceased. Doctors, paediatricians, nursery nurses, social services met today in Montpellier. Objective : to train and pass on prevention messages.

The number of children hospitalized at the university hospital of Montpellier for a shaken baby syndrome has increased at an “alarming” in a year find the health professionals, who are sounding the alarm : 16 cases were diagnosed in 2017, compared to 8 in 2016.

They are concerned about the “extreme gravity” of the situation : four children have died in 2017.

The shaken baby syndrome is an abuse that particularly affects babies under six months of age, is violently shaken when they cry. It causes vomiting, malaise, convulsions or even a coma, with serious long-term consequences : language delays, visual impairment, multiple disabilities.

A team specializing in child abuse

In the Face of the situation, the group “Children at risk”, a multi-disciplinary team of the university hospital of Montpellier that specializes in the mistreatment of children, organizes a day dedicated to childhood in danger, for the prevention of shaken baby syndrome.

It gathers today professionals, medical and non-medical, early childhood, social workers, educators, policemen, police officers and magistrates at the centre Rabelais in Montpellier.

Child abuse “would affect 10 % of children in countries with high income and is responsible, at least 300 deaths in France”, is reminiscent of the doctors who believe that shaken baby syndrome is “under-diagnosed”.

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