Montpellier : the gas food that teens inhale concerned


Montpellier : ce gaz alimentaire que les ados inhalent inquiète

The capsules are abandoned by the dozens in the streets.

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A abuse for the past several months, including on the side of The Paillade, who are worried about.

There is far away from the bitch session of pastry with a friendly reunion in a corner of the street, at the foot of buildings, teenagers in search of thrills. However, over the last few months, of small gas cartridges that are designed for drains of whipped cream are used to accentuate the effect of alcohol or cannabis for example.

“As with the Poppers, this gas which has vasodilatory effects and enhances the effect of the product that accompanies it.” Karim Tahraoui, doctor of pharmacy installed on the Great Mail of The Paillade, does not, however, a drug. “I equated it more to a game. Even if the practice is not without risk.”

As a drunk

Armelle Haquet, physician to the emergencies of the hospital, observed “an increase of hard drugs among adolescents, with ages getting younger and younger, with a mass of products. But we have not yet got wind of the nitrous oxide. Even if we have already heard from this toxic.”

A toxic substance which causes euphoria (hence the term laughing gas) comparable to an intoxication with visual distortions such as auditory effects are short, no more than two to three minutes.

On The Paillade, the phenomenon has been known “since last summer”. Souad Sebbar, delegate of the prefect on the neighbourhood policy of the city asks. “We have no perspective on the consequences of a product, non-criminal, counter.” Whether in a supermarket, or on the internet, the small cartridges can be purchased easily in batches for a few euros.

“This raises questions about the quantities that young people can ingest. Because, given the number of empty cartridges that are found all over The Paillade, there is a real subject.”

The regional Agency of health alerted

Feeling the same from the side of the Little-Bard, where Alain Gender-Jazelet, another delegate of the prefect, “has detected, here a little over a month, collections, night unusual, in places also unusual, the young people around shisha. Then I saw a lot of these famous capsules empty abandoned in the streets in the Petit-Bard as the Pergola. In the Cevennes also, but in lesser numbers.”

Souad Sebbar confesses to worry about a possible switch to other practices addictive. “We have alerted the regional agency of health (ARS).” The medical literature, in particular, to be consulted on the public web site Drug info service, list the dangers of regular use of nitrous oxide by inhalation : “memory loss, erectile dysfunction, heart rate and mood”.

The parents are not aware of the risks. They are asked to be vigilant

Chronic use in high doses may, to him, to cause “a vitamin B12 deficiency which can cause diseases of the spinal cord at the origin of neurological disorders”. The same official site note “that the addictive potential of the nitrous oxide remains discussed.”

So, what attitude to adopt ? “We started to raise the awareness of the population through, inter alia, the associative network pailladin, meets Souad Sebbar. Because the parents are not aware of the risks. They are asked to be vigilant.”

Alain Gender-Jazelet imagine mobilise the world of education in the framework of the network + REP encompassing, since the beginning of September, a small thirty institutions in montpellier. “It is necessary to explain the dangers of this kind of practices.”


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