Montpellier : rue Faubourg Figuerolles, a site blocked


Montpellier : rue Faubourg-Figuerolles, un chantier bloqué

The work stopped, the circulation cut off. But “if all goes well, the action plan will be completed before the municipal”.

Two months after the launch of the project, the resurfacing of the street is always off. The dissatisfaction is felt.

The concern is strong among the traders of the rue du Faubourg Figuerolles since the launch of the construction of resurfacing of the street. It is felt even more since the 20 September and the explosion, not really accidental, a log cabin, building site belonging to the company Malet, in charge of the work.

Since the gear is stationary, the workers who exercised their right of withdrawal. And no specific date for the return of the diggers have been announced for the moment.

“It’s been two months that we are without information,” said Jose Lopez, the owner of a butcher shop traditional in front of the school Doctor-Roux. This professional who has worked for thirty-seven years in the district would not say much more reassured in the aftermath of the visit, Tuesday, 6 November, the deputy in the framework of life, Luc Albernhe.

Questions to Luc Albernhe, deputy to the part of life

Do you have a date for the resumption of the construction site ?

It will resume shortly.

Can’t you be more specific ?

The situation has been complicated to manage after the explosion of the cabin. One person was injured and a firefighter also. The company Malet has exercised its right of withdrawal. It took several meetings to see how the site could resume. I insist on the fact that a few thugs have taken hostage the district. Conditions must be put in place to announce the resumption. I went on site on Tuesday and I stayed four hours with the traders who have been informed of the situation.

What guarantees have been recorded ?

The site will be accompanied by a significant presence of police officers, national and municipal. This project is a priority for the mayor. It is investing€ 6 Million for Figuerolles and we will go until the end. The two-month delay will occur but it will be done to improve quality of life and attractiveness. If all goes well, the plan of action Figuerolles will be completed before the municipal.

“I have already suffered a jolt four years ago with the change of the direction of flow of the neighbourhood,” says the butcher who employs five people. I am obliged to suffer harm until the end of the work, so for a year and a half. And there are already two months behind from the start on the calendar. My business is not going to hold…” In a street where commercial activities “wither away”.

“It is very hard to recover customers”

Since the 17 of September and the official start-up of the action plan of quartier Figuerolles, no more vehicle passes in front of its doorstep. The public highway being completely closed off by barriers of concrete, since the place of the Wash-house to the road of Lavérune. “Once we lost the client, it is very hard to recover.”

In anticipation of a decline in attendance related to these works, Jose Lopez had already made a decision, painful as soon as the summer : not to reopen its teaches terraced, poultry, tripe, vegetables and fruit. “I need a capital to replenish the fresh products, so, there, seen the decline of attendance, I can’t afford it.”

The discontent of the merchants

It will not be able to count on financial compensation. “It has not been budgeted by the municipality for this kind of project. We were advised to see with the chamber of commerce but it is almost impossible to obtain”, is in despair. It will therefore have to settle for possible reductions in expenses.

Even the sound of a bell to a few meters away, in the pastry Avinens. Laurent Avinens is concerned with the evolution of the situation as the year-end holidays are on the horizon. A crucial period for the craftsman, specializing in the kingdoms that are coming from far away to buy it. He also is concerned at the delay by the shipyard due to what may look like acts of sabotage.

“Me, I have a customer that comes to 80 % of the outside of Montpellier. The town hall has told us that construction would resume by December, but without certainty. With it get on with it !”, he says a little annoyed. He also received the visit of the deputy to the part of life, but not said more calmed.

“I know someone who has experienced the works for the Halles and his case has taken dear !” The removal of parking spaces provided on the rue du Faubourg do not rejoice either. A dozen professionals in the district come together as an association to try to advance their demands.

Parking spaces “offset”

Since 20 September, if the gears are stopped, EDF and Gaz de France have ensured their interventions on the networks. The first tranche of the recapitalization, regarding the portion located between the “place du Lavoir” and the bridge of Lavérune, which is expected by September 2019. And then the rest up to the place Salengro early 2020.

Luc Albernhe indicates that a clause of social integration is provided as to any public market in metropolitan france. To do the work of the young people of the district a certain flying hours. The sidewalks should be expanded with parking in the least. “Compensated” by new ones, created route de Lavérune. And the security in front of the school the Doctor’s Red – enhanced (with a parking facility).


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