Mission Impossible Fallout : Tom Cruise at the head of the best blockbuster of 2018

Mission Impossible 6 : Tom Cruise reveals the making of the parachute jump, the more crazy the movie

For Mission Impossible 6 – Fallout, Tom Cruise has once again pushed his limits through an impressive waterfall. The program ? A parachute jump in history which the scenes come to be revealed in a making-of crazy. Mission Impossible 6 is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Despite his incredible physique and his action films impressive, Dwayne Johnson is not the actor in the most badass of Hollywood. This honorary title is instead reserved for… Tom Cruise. And the reason for this is as simple as obvious : the star of Mission Impossible never hesitates to give of his person in the film performing her own stunts, even to be seriously hurt.

Tom Cruise crazy stunts

And this is not a new making-of of the 6th episode of the saga, available on DVD and Blu-Ray since 6 December, which we reasonably would contradict. As you can see in our slideshow, Tom Cruise has once again pushed his limits to do the show and we put full eyes. Thus, after being helicopter made specially for the film, and jumps between two buildings, the interpreter, Ethan Hunt has just offered a parachute jump memorable.

A jump unseen cinema

The program ? Tom Cruise has performed the Halo Jump (High Altitude Low Open), which allowed him to be the first actor to dare make such a jump. The principle is simple : used by the army in order to penetrate into enemy territory undetected by radars, it is to jump to a very high altitude (7600 feet), and open his parachute, the more late as possible (600 metres). A jump to the high-risk (hypoxia, decompression sickness, hallucination…) which has forced the team to invent new equipment for the shooting and that allowed Tom Cruise to have fun like never before. The class.

Mission Impossible Fallout is currently available on VOD, DVD and Blu-Ray.


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