Miley Cyrus : a new album for 2019 ? The singer confides

Miley Cyrus : un nouvel album pour 2019 ? La chanteuse se confie

Miley Cyrus : a new album for 2019 ? The singer confides

A year after the release of “Younger Now”, Miley Cyrus has made her grand return to the front of the stage with the “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” in feat with Mike Ronson and she has no intention of disappearing anytime soon. The interpreter of “Wrecking Ball” could also release a new album in 2019.

“Wrecking Ball”, “Younger Now”, “Malibu”, “We Can’t Stop”, “Party In The U. S. A”… Miley Cyrus has punctuated the music industry with all of its tubes, before doing the reviews on his attitude quite provocative. After his last album “Younger Now”, the american singer has preferred to withdraw from the scene to take a step back. A small break, it never hurts, right ? In any case, after a one year absence, the interpreter of “The Climb” finally seems to be ready to return in force to the delight of his fans.

Miley Cyrus prepares for new titles to 2019

Miley Cyrus has reserved a nice surprise last week : her return to music with a song from the DJ Mark Ronson titled “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”. The star is being pursued by his old demons in the clip, but the title contains, especially, a sentence which proved to be prescient : “This burning house / There’s nothing left / It’s smoking and we both know it.” We immediately think of his house that burned during the devastating fires in California.

The sweetheart Liam Hemsworth has also explained about it in an interview with Ryan Seacrest : “I didn’t know the best way out of this black-out period, but it is really crazy because I wrote this song with Mark in may, before we lost our home in Malibu. It was like a strange premonition. The moment was so well chosen.

Miley Cyrus was then entrusted to work on his next album since a year and a half, but when will we get the chance to listen to it ? “I don’t have a specific date, but you will surely hear a lot of new pieces next year“, she explained on the radio waves San Francisco, 99.7. 2019 looks rather not bad for the ex-star Disney Channel.


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