Microsoft will replace the dull Edge browser Chromium-based

Microsoft заменит унылый Edge браузером на базе Chromium

Microsoft is developing its own Chromium-based browser to replace the default option on Windows 10. Apparently, the popularity of the Microsoft Edge, which is so touted by the company, and did not become a popular browser. And even rebranding did not help to rectify the situation.

Microsoft заменит унылый Edge браузером на базе Chromium

It is noted that it is created as a replacement to the browser’s Edge, which was presented in 2015. However, users found the similarities with Internet Explorer, which did not become popular among users of the network.

A new browser for Windows 10 codenamed Anaheim and proprietary engine EdgeHTML replaced by Chromium. Most likely, the new browser will be significantly faster than its predecessor, and will also get new features to attract new users.

Microsoft заменит унылый Edge браузером на базе Chromium

It is expected that Microsoft could keep the brand Edge and the usual design of the program, which will be updated imperceptibly for ordinary users. Let’s hope that the Corporation will be able to do browser high quality, to avoid massive problems as Windows 10, the latest update which personal data and user files were removed permanently.

Recall that Apple has forced major social network Tumblr to remove adult material. It is reported that such material violates the policy of the Apple store in connection with which the company removed the app from the App Store. Popular the service had to improve methods of validation of downloadable content in the future not to happen again.

Earlier Znayu reported that scammers have learned a new trick, which seamlessly be charged with a credit card. Scammers have created iPhone apps that require the user to put a finger to the screen to measure heart rate. However, at this time because the fingerprint is a transaction in the amount of $ 100, which is deducted from the account of the smartphone owner.

Znayu wrote that Xiaomi Mi 9 will soon appear on the shelves, and insiders have already called the cost of new items. Among other things, the device will receive 6 GB of RAM and top-end chipset, which will help to match the performance even with the iPhone XS Max.


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