Microsoft updated the app icons: they mock

Microsoft обновила иконки приложений: они издеваются

Microsoft has updated the icons of the programs from Office 365, which has not changed since 2013. For example, the logo Word is no longer recognizable white sheet that was there since 2007. Will have to get used to the new icons.

Microsoft обновила иконки приложений: они издеваются

By the way, the update is really important, because all bugs, defects and loss of user documents is not as important at stake if the updated application icons from Microsoft. The update will affect applications on all platforms — Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It remains to wait for updates, and go through to your data is again not deleted from the hard disk device.

Microsoft обновила иконки приложений: они издеваются

“The design solution was to separate the letter and the symbol from the icons, essentially creating two panels — one for letters and one for the character,” explained Director of design Microsoft. On the promo-image icons-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are along with the logos OneDrive and Skype. However, the developers of the OSes should pay attention to user complaints, because the operating system itself simply refuses to work correctly.

Recall that gamers smashed to smithereens, a PlayStation Classic, which Sony successfully re-released a few decades. However, all is not so well as I thought gamers: the picture quality is poor, the games themselves tend to freeze, and refresh rate in seconds kills all the excitement.

Earlier Znayu reported that LG made a patent for its innovative, bendable smartphone. Judging by the photos, found by users of the network, when folding the device the screen is not placed inside the fold and outside. Thus, the device positions itself as a smartphone and a full tablet. By the way, the cost will be about $ 2,500, which is a bit disappoint fans of the company.

Znayu wrote that ASUS still deliver a gaming smartphone Phone ROG in Ukraine. Now every person can purchase this device. However, it will cost 26 thousand hryvnias. On the other hand, it is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market.


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