Microsoft sold a new update is killer, users furious

Microsoft втюхал новое обновление-убийцу, пользователи в бешенстве

Windows 10 users faced with a terrible problem. We are talking about KB4467682 update, which is available for installation via “Windows update”. Many computer users who have installed this update on your electronic device, faced with his failure.

Microsoft втюхал новое обновление-убийцу, пользователи в бешенстве

Most affected users notebook Surface Book 2, which is produced by the company Microsoft. After installing it, when trying to run the OS, the user sees the message “SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED” on a “blue screen of death”.

Judging by the number of complaints on the forum Reddit, the number of victims is estimated in the tens of thousands. Worst of all, Windows 10 operating system automatically installs updates itself, and KB4467682 is no exception to this rule. After installation, the computer refuses to turn on, displaying the error message. To solve the problem of anyone so far failed, so the only way to return the system to working condition – install it again, losing all personal data.

Microsoft втюхал новое обновление-убийцу, пользователи в бешенстве

Microsoft has announced that she is already aware of these problems and their solution to all owners of computers, including Surface Book 2, I advise you not to install the update KB4467682. If it was already set, and electronic device refuses to turn on, then restore the system using recovery disk. This American Corporation, as always, silent, in this case, all personal data will be lost forever.

Microsoft втюхал новое обновление-убийцу, пользователи в бешенстве

Earlier it was passed that the company Microsoft is developing its own Chromium-based browser to replace the standard version of Windows 10. Apparently, the popularity of the Microsoft Edge, which is so touted by the company, and did not become a popular browser. And even rebranding did not help to rectify the situation.

It is noted that it is created as a replacement to the browser’s Edge, which was presented in 2015. However, users found the similarities with Internet Explorer, which did not become popular among users of the network.

Recall that Apple made a big social network Tumblr to remove adult material.

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