Meghan Markle manipulative and self-centered ? The violent testimony that balance

Meghan Markle manipulatrice et égocentrique ? Le violent témoignage qui balance

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Meghan Markle : his former friends as Piers Morgan swinging on his behavior

Then that Meghan Markle is being attacked from all sides, a new witness should not arrange the things. In a column in the Daily Mail, the journalist-star Piers Morgan accuses the duchess of Sussex to be served to him. According to him, the wife of Prince Harry is manipulative and self-interested.

4 months pregnant, Meghan Markle lives in a happiness almost perfect alongside Prince Harry. Why “almost” ? For some time, the duchess of Sussex is the subject of many critics, the supposedly capricious and authoritarian. Things are not ready to cope with the testimony of Piers Morgan. The journalist star has swayed that she was “manipulative, ambitious, and interested in a forum to charge for the Daily Mail.

The journalist balance

The host of the morning tv Good Morning Britain accused the former actress of being served him in 2015. Then they had become friends, she turned back when she met Prince Harry : “I have made myself a ghoster by Meghan Markle. If you are not familiar with the term “ghoster”, it is when someone you thought was your friend cut suddenly the bridges with you, without any warning, and after that it does not address to you never the word.”

He accuses her of being manipulative : “anyone who refused what she wants, or will stand in his climb up the social ladder will be ejected” and gives examples : “Her first husband [producer Trevor Engelson] ? Thrown when his career took off with Suits. His dysfunctional family ? Ecartée of marriage – all without exception. His poor old father sick ? Delivered to himself and disavowed for having struggled to manage the media attention aroused by his daughter. Meghan has exchanged its old world greyish and problems against a new world of fantastic and exciting, that of the queen, Michelle Obama and Clooney. Only his mother Doria has successfully integrated the list of VIP of his new life.”

“An actress climbing the social ladder shamelessly”

Visibly very angry with Meghan Markle, it overwhelms it : “Meghan Markle is an actress climbing the social ladder without shame, which has got the role of his life and is determined to exploit the vein until the end – and it is precisely for this reason that the palace begins to turn against it.”, adding “She has spent almost the last twenty years rubbing shoulders with people as long as they could be useful to him before the hunt of his life by blowing on it with nothing more than a “hi, loser”. I know, I’m one of them”.


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