Mediterranean sea : fishermen furious with the NGO Oceana

Méditerranée : les pêcheurs furieux contre l'ONG Oceana

Trawls in the collimators of the NGOS.

The cloth will then burn to begin negotiations in the european parliament of 1 multi-year management plan for the demersal (living above the bottom) in the Mediterranean. In question : the trawls.

The fate of the fishermen of the Mediterranean is in the hands of the european parliament. The institution shall review from Wednesday 26 September until 2 October the multi-year management plan for the demersal fisheries (i.e. the catch of species living above the bottom) in the Mediterranean.

However, the intense lobbying of the american NGO annoys the highest point of the French fishermen. The organization called save the sea “the most over-exploited of Europe and probably the world”. In their viewfinder : the bottom trawls. They ask thus to extend the restriction of the otter trawl in the coastal strip up to at least 100 m depth throughout the year to “promote sustainable fishing”. The fishermen are also concerned about a second amendment of the parliament : that the fishing time from 18 hours per day to 12 hours.

A speech “wrecked and misleading” on the trawlers

“We denounce a speech wrecked on the state of fish stocks in the Mediterranean in step with the reality of a scientific monitoring of the resource, which is limited to just four species, while a hundred is operated in” write Bernard Pérez, president of the regional committee for fishing Occitania, and Bertrand Wendling of the PIA (mediterranean association of producer organisations).

“We also denounce the amalgam that stigmatizes the fleet chalutière as the head of all the pressures experienced by the Mediterranean, the picture is totally misleading to a fleet that is not in compliance with any rule” they add.

They recall that the trawl fishery in the Gulf of Lion is already extremely framed with a contingent of licences is less than 60, a quota of fishing effort (limited to 196 days per year), and hours fishing limited per day.


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