Marseille : the psychosis settles after the collapse of the rue d’aubagne

Marseille : la psychose s'installe après les effondrements de la rue d'Aubagne

Surreal scene of the street of Aubagne, where, in falling, the building has left behind him the cupboards of a kitchen.

If the body of the eighth person reported missing in the collapse of two buildings, on Monday, was found, the tension is still very strong, in the phocean city. Where the by-laws of the perils multiply on buildings, where experts in the building arrived from Paris, and where the opposition is calling for a rally this Saturday.

The emergency services have recovered Friday the body of the one that is probably the last victim of the collapse, Monday, two buildings in Marseille, rue d’aubagne. But the voltage does not go down, in the mediterranean city, where the mayor, Jean-Claude Gaudin, acknowledged Friday that settled a form of “psychosis.”

Marseille : la psychose s'installe après les effondrements de la rue d'Aubagne

The mayor of Marseille Jean-Claude Gaudin, has again been accused of being a “killer” by protesters, on Friday, for his handling of the insalubrious housing in his city.

Since Monday, each peering into the facades, the most damaged of this city, which does not lack of the old residences. In total, 130 of these reports are escalated to the municipality and “the 21 arrested of risk” have been taken in the emergency, since the disaster which washed away two buildings, compelled to destroy, totally or partially, many others.

Hundreds of buildings are to be audited

In all, 200 buildings are subject to an order of danger to Marseille, some of the past two years, according to a source close to the folder.
“In the vastness of the second largest city in France, with 860 000 inhabitants, there is still much to be done,” admitted Mr. Gaudin, who deplores the slowness of procedures to intervene on private properties.

Marseille : la psychose s'installe après les effondrements de la rue d'Aubagne

On Friday morning, in the area of the rue d’aubagne and its surroundings, new buildings were evacuated as a precaution and for fear of a “domino effect”. Just for the night of Thursday to Friday, the city took over and relocated the 359 people. To lend a helping hand to the municipality, “the government has decided to send a number of experts” of Paris, which will support the specialists from marseille to audit buildings which were closest to the disaster, said the region prefect Pierre Dartout.

A white march, this Saturday

“We will have a conclusion in the coming days to find out if other déconstructions should be considered”, said Pierre Dartout, or if the residents will be able to reinstate these buildings are sometimes constructed in the Nineteenth century, wood and cement, and rely on each other. More broadly, these experts including the scientific and technical Centre for building (CSTB) will help conduct an audit on housing in the city, has promised the minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner.

A job requiring: the authorities need to sort it out between multiple buildings in a dilapidated and unsanitary, and identify those who are actually dangerous. The expertise, very technical, can take several days for a single building, while the street wants quick answers. In front of the prefecture, Friday, thirty people chanted “Gaudin assassin!”.

A white march, in the presence of the mp of the area and leader of the Untamed Jean-Luc Mélenchon, has to take place this Saturday afternoon, between the quartier Noailles and Vieux Port.

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