“Mafiosa”, “Djadja”, “The same”… YouTube reveals the clips the most popular of 2018

"Mafiosa", "Djadja", "La même"... YouTube dévoile les clips les plus populaires de 2018

“Mafiosa”, “Djadja”, “Same”, “Va Bene” : check out the clip in the most seen of 2018 on YouTube

The year 2018 is almost at its end, it is the opportunity to make a balance sheet of music in the joy and the good mood. We are sure that you dream about to know what clip French was the most popular on YouTube… So, verdict ? You have the choice between “Djadja” Aya Nakamura, “Mafiosa” Artist or “The same” Master Gims and Vianney !

2019 is fast approaching, but before the start of a new year, it must first pass by the race to Christmas gifts, the opening of the packages (the best part… unless your grandma decides to give you a pajamas all ugly), the evening of the New Year and… the arrival of the leaderboards, balance sheets, such as the one of the most listened artists in streaming in 2018. We also had the right at the top 10 movies of each other of the most popular on the platform. A program, which is not completed. Then, happy ? 😁

When the Artist is ahead of Aya Nakamura and The Algerino with “Mafiosa”

Today, we present to you the top 10 clips French the most viewed on YouTube in 2018 and guess who is in the first position ? It is easy, if you said “Tá tudo bem / You we also tá tudo bem” ? Well, yes, “Mafiosa” of the Artist and Caroliina won the first place : the tube that has marked the summer ahead, therefore, “Djadja” by Aya Nakamura and “Va Bene” of The Algérino, present on the original soundtrack of the film Taxi 5.

Discover the rest of the ranking below. For info, it is set based on the number of global views, but also “the way in which users interact with the videos“, that is to say, with the likes, the comments or even the speed of growth.

1. “Mafiosa” – the Artist (243 million)

The artist feat. Caroliina – “Mafiosa”

2. “Djadja” – Aya Nakamura ($249 million)

Aya Nakamura – “Djadja”

3. “Va Bene” – The Algérino (211 million)

The Algérino – “Va Bene”

4. “The Same” – Maître Gims and Vianney (110 million)

Master Gims and Vianney – “The Same”

5. “Bob Marley” – Dadju (125 million)

Dadju – “Bob Marley”

6. “Out of tune” – Vald (98 million)

Vald – “Out Of Tune”

7. “Bella Ciao” – Maitre Gims, Vitaa, Dadju, Slimane & Naestro (92 million)

Maitre Gims, Vitaa, Dadju, Slimane & Naestro – “Bella Ciao”

8. “Diabari” – Kaaris ($75 million)

Kaaris – “Diarabi”

9. “Ammonia” – NLP (63 million)

NLP – “Ammonia”

10. “Bring the Cup Home’ – Vegedream (41 million)

Vegedream – “Bring the cup home”


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