M. Pokora announces his return with an album and tour, Pyramid Tour” !

M. Pokora announces its grand return with an album and a tour “Pyramid Tour” !

M. Pokora is back ! After ten months of absence, the singer just announced on the social networks, his great surprise comeback with a new album, but especially on a tour called “Pyramid Tower”, accompanied by a teaser explosive. “I missed you”, he confided.

Two years after the release of his latest album “My Way”, M. Pokora has taken the decision to withdraw from the social networks and to provide a break in the United States with his sweetheart Christina Milian : “I just need a real break and I felt a lot of things in order, first, to ‘come down’ after all that I have experienced extraordinary these past 15 years (…) The only reason why I put the pause mode for some time it’s better to have you back“, he wrote on January 15, 2018, the date of his last post.

“Here I am, on the way back”

The interpreter of “Just a photo of you” has also warned his fans that he would “work quietly on the best album [s]a career, “and he actually worked on his project in secret, since he just announced his big comeback after ten months of absence.

Hi friend(e)s, and here I am on the way back… Last line right before you deliver the album… Still a little patience…“, posted M. Pokora on Instagram before sharing another good news with a teaser in which an artist wakes up from a long sleep and found his audience into madness : “I am pleased to announce the PYRAMID TOUR! Opening of the ticket office on the 29th November at 10am… You will not believe your eyes… PS : I missed you.” So be ready and prepared for the Thursday, November 29 !

Internet users in madness

As you say, that M. Pokora has enlightened the day by his fans with his comeback : “@MPokora IS FINALLY BACK GUYS!!!!! I can NOT BELIEVE THAT IS WHAT HE HAD MISSED BROTHEL!!!“, “AFTER 1 YEAR WITHOUT HIS PRESENCE, HE IS FINALLY BACK BROTHEL! I WAS NOT READY“, “I have tears in my eyes @MPokora“, “Yay my idol is back”, “#MPIsBack finally a good news for 2019“, “wake up and realize that @MPokora is really back the best alarm clocks“, one can read on Twitter.


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