Lukashenko tearfully asked for forgiveness from Putin: what did the President of Belarus

Лукашенко слезно просит прощения у Путина: что натворил президент Беларуси

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko made a bet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the summit of the Eurasian economic Union. After that Lukashenko had to apologize to a colleague of Putin for their emotional statements.

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has declared on air of local TV channels.

Лукашенко слезно просит прощения у Путина: что натворил президент Беларуси

The dispute between the two heads of States was held on Thursday, 6 December. The reason was the price of gas. Lukashenka said about the bad conditions for the citizens of Belarus, where fuel costs $130 per thousand cubic meters, while for the Russians in the neighboring Smolensk region – $70.

Putin offered Lukashenko to speak without the press “openly and honestly”. The Russian President also noted that this year the gas price for Belarus is $ 129 per 1 thousand cubic meters, and in 2019 will be $ 127. The Russian President also said that the price for Germany is 250 Germany, for example, the price is $ 250.

“Let us then discuss in a closed regime,” – said Putin Lukashenko.

Lukashenka apologized immediately after the end of the summit, and the next day while participating in the broadcast of the Russian TV channel. He also added that he wants to meet with the Russian President next week to discuss and resolve some issues.

“Next week we meet with the President of Russia, and will dot the i, so we once again do not enter unresolved problems into the new year,”— said Lukashenko.

The President of Belarus said at the meeting that the cost of transporting Russian gas is very high. According to his words, the tariff for transportation of gas in Belarus is $ 3 per 1 thousand cubic meters on 100 km Lukashenko added that the domestic rate of less than three times.

We will remind that Lukashenka asks Putin for forgiveness and a discount on gas, that was pathetic.

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