Luigi Coretti in the cold with the Haute-Gatineau

Luigi Coretti en froid avec la Haute-Gatineau

Luigi Coretti, known to have been at the heart of a real storm, national involving allegations of fraud and corruption policy, in 2010, is now in the political class of the Haute-Gatineau, starting with the minister of Justice, Stéphanie Vallée.

The Laval continues, for $ 1.5 million, the minister Valley, in a personal capacity and Attorney general of Quebec, as well as the director-general and a councillor of the Town of Maniwaki, Daniel Mayrand and Maurice Richard. The lawsuit, filed in the courthouse in Laval, on June 14, is also the préfète of the MRC of the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau, Chantal Lamarche, and finally the president of the Association of rescue of Ottawa (ASO), Serge Lacoursière.

In his missive, Luigi Coretti said to have escaped substantial subsidy, in addition to having been the victim of defamation, then he is trying to establish a program of search and rescue in an isolated environment.

Luigi Coretti said to have been the victim of damage to his reputation, and is seeking damages for financial losses incurred.

He alleged that the regional project has been rejected by the regional decision-makers, under the orders of the minister Valley.

Luigi Coretti en froid avec la Haute-Gatineau

The minister of Justice, Stéphanie Vallée is the number of persons subject to a prosecution by Luigi Coretti.

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Mr. Coretti wanted to carry out his project, through a non-profit organization “Anishnabe Nation of the Ottawa River Watershead (ANORW) Police & Emergency Service of the Ottawa Watershed,” of which he is a director appearing in the federal Register of corporations. The ANORW has already been known by other names, such as Service and ambulance medical North Shore.

Equipped with mountain BIKE and other emergency vehicles, the organization’s mission is to rescue people in danger in an isolated environment.

Mr. Coretti, who is said to have received the collaboration of the community of Kitigan Zibi, has wanted to bring together the leaders of the other emergency services in the vicinity, in order to promote his project.

According to the court application, Mr. Coretti was signed in march 2018, “an agreement concerning the establishment and operation of a service of first responders level 3 for the Kitigan Zibi reserve,” with the integrated Centre of health and social services for the Outaouais region (CISSSO).

A meeting with the fire chiefs of the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau and the body of Mr. Coretti was organized, but the day of the meeting, on the 1st of march last, the fire chief of Lac Ste-Marie, Martin Lafrenière, would have notified that it was cancelled.

According to Mr. Coretti, this are the general managers of the invited towns, including that of Maniwaki, who have indicated their fire chiefs to not be present at this meeting.

This line of conduct might have been given by the préfète of the MRC, Chantal Lamarche, who would have been the directive of the minister of Justice and member of parliament for Gatineau, Stéphanie Vallée, not to touch this case.


In the same pursuit, Coretti alleged that the minister Valley “has clearly advised the participants to” a meeting organized this spring ” that they should avoid doing business with Luigi Coretti, or negotiate any contract to which it would be representative (…) because of his alleged bad reputation. “

While the political class was prohibited to the fire chiefs in the region to sign any agreement whatsoever with him, Mr. Coretti was still awaiting approval from the ministry of Transport for obtaining funding (452 000 $) for the project ” search and rescue.

It seems, according to the request of Mr. Coretti, that the préfète Lamarche stressed to the city manager that ” the MRC de la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau could lose a substantial subsidy if ANORW and/or Luigi Coretti were involved in the contract “.

Another financial aid application, of 462 000 $, it would have been rejected after an investigation by the Sûreté du Québec conducted, as early as 2017, with ” some of the people of the region on the activities (…) of Mr. Coretti “.

Still according to the document filed in the superior Court, ” Martin Lafrenière confirmed this information to Georges Lafontaine, agent of the tribal council (Anishinabeg), which was transmitted by e-mail the information (…) to the effect that the directive emanated from the minister of Justice, Stéphanie Vallée and Chantal Lamarche “.

Mr. Coretti said to have been moved other meetings between the ASO and the municipal officials, in may.

It lags in addition to Maurice Richard and Serge Lacoursière of having “made statements of a malicious and defamatory” towards them.

This week, the préfète Lamarche and minister Valley, we know the radio station CHGA, Maniwaki, they commenteraient not the folder, whose return is expected on July 17 at the palace of justice in Laval.



Luigi Coretti is the ex-boss of BCIA, a security agency, for which he was accused of having made to its financial statements between 2005 and 2010, in order to obtain funding from financial institutions.

This same company had provided to the former liberal mna Tony Tomassi with a credit card, which has won a accusation, in 2011, to have agreed “a loan, reward, advantage or benefit” in exchange for his influence as a member of parliament with his government.

Tony Tomassi has been relieved of his duties and expelled from the liberal caucus in may 2010.

A stay of proceedings, in 2016, has spared Luigi Coretti charges of fraud, forgery and use of forgery for having produced the company’s balance sheet to be overvalued, which weighed on him.

Commenting on his record involving his project aborted in the Haute-Gatineau, Friday, M Coretti has preferred to keep silence.

However, he was more voluble when he came back on the reasons that have led to his acquittal, in 2016.

Mr. Coretti said to repeat to everyone that the stay of proceedings ordered in this folder was not the direct result of the judgment in Jordan on the unreasonable delay.

According to the letter signed by the public prosecutor for criminal and penal prosecutions, November 15, 2016, there is another procedure called ” nolle prosequi “.

This legal measure is, in fact, a stay of proceedings asked for by the Crown, while a “query” Jordan ” is rather filed in by the defence, which refers to unreasonable delay to its client.

The decision to stop the proceedings is the same in both cases, and leads to the acquittal of the accused. The public ministry, in this same letter, has also raised the new teachings of the supreme Court, in the case of Jordan.

The public ministry expected then such a request of the defense, and has chosen to file a stay of proceedings in a ” nolle prosqui “.


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