Lorak wrapped with oilcloth, and thanks for the clip, but fans call it “bullshit”

Лорак обмоталась клеенкой и благодарит за клип, а поклонники называют его "фуфлом"

Ani Lorak

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who now lives and actively building a career in Russia, and also goes to concerts in Russian cities, presenting their show “Diva”, has decided to once again warm up interest of public to the person. So, on his page in Instagram artist published a frame from the new video for the song “Sleep”.

In the picture Lorak is sitting on a chair with a naked and bare feet, not looking into the frame. She turned in profile and wearing a strange outfit, which resembles either a latex, or an opaque rubber sheet. It was taken on a blue background, next to a chair on which sits the artist pools. In the new clip, which was posted on the channel of the singer on YouTube, she also appears in this outfit.

In the caption, Lorak thanked his team for this “masterpiece”, which, looking ahead to say, the fans do not appreciate. “Thanks to all my people for this incredibly beautiful song and such a subtle and talented video”, – signed photo of the singer. But the lorac followers on Instagram and subscribers on YouTube don’t think the clip is successful, many called it empty and meaningless.

“I didn’t think that’d add Haight under the video Ani Lorak, because I respect her for her talent, love for beauty, but this clip is a little dry, nothing natural. Only a picture on a wrecked car like”, “Clip everything is not what I saw in him the sincerity, which is in the lyrics and performance. This is the case when the clip separately, the song separately. Of course this is a subjective opinion”, “for the First time can we say about the clip is empty after watching that clip – nothing, no meaning, no nice pictures, no-th-th. What about the story in this “masterpiece” all you can say,” write frustrated fans Lorak.

Recall, while lorac’s name is on tour in his native Ukraine, she entertains the Russians.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that lorac was booed for strange hair.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that lorac has done something terrible, fans are beside themselves.


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