Lorac mischief in the company of Mature males. Fans wonder, “What’s with the face?”

Лорак пошалила в компании зрелых самцов. Поклонники недоумевают: "Что с лицом?"

Ani Lorak

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who now lives and actively building a career in Russia, and also goes to concerts in Russian cities, presenting their show “Diva”, has decided to once again warm up interest of public to the person. So, on his page in Instagram artist published a photo of her posing in the company of famous men, and it happens behind the scenes propaganda of the First channel.

So, in one of the photos Lorak standing arm in arm with world-famous DJ David Guetta, and in the second picture they were joined by Russian showman and TV presenter Ivan Urgant. From the caption, it becomes clear that lorac and Guetta were the guests of the program “Evening Urgant”.

The movies show the singer wore black leather pants with a high waist and a velvet jacket with a very deep neckline that barely holds a magnificent bust of the artist. On his feet lorac massive shoes with heels, her face bright makeup, and hair down. As for the other characters in the pictures, the stars dressed in a discreet suit and tie and white shirt, and David Guetta came to the program in a simple outfit – black trousers, white shirt and brown jacket.

Fans of Ani Lorak did not remain indifferent to these pictures and began to actively comment on them. So many liked the shots and the artist on them, so the comments she wrote compliments. But there are those who image Lorak don’t like fans writing that she lost a lot of weight, and her face, something happened, because it is not the same as it used to see. Most likely, Ani just got old, because it’s 40 years old.

Recall, while lorac’s name is on tour in his native Ukraine, she entertains the Russians.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that lorac was booed for strange hair.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Lorak wrapped with oilcloth, and thanks for the clip, but fans call it “bullshit”.


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