Lorac after divorce misses: the singer was caught in the arms of the stars of Eurovision

Лорак после развода не скучает: певицу застукали в объятиях звезды Евровидения

Today Ani Lorak has published another photo with Sergey Lazarev with the caption “they Say that friendship does not happen in show business, and I say happens!”.

Лорак после развода не скучает: певицу застукали в объятиях звезды Евровидения

Fans of artists create on the Internet the entire community in support of the relations of the idols and believe that the singer has “traded her husband for Lazarev”. Lorac rumors of a romance with a colleague categorically denies. At the same time does not cease to maintain an interest in their pair, regularly publishing in open access fresh joint photo.

An interesting fact is that the Internet has long been rumored “non-traditional” sexual orientation Lazarev, which contradicts the possibility of his affair with lorac. Some fans of Ani Lorak, the singer reassured that they do not believe in her mystery novel a long time knowing this feature of men.

In addition to Sergey Lazarev clearly gay show business fans include Baskov, Kirkorov and Galkin. The presence of relationships with women in past or present gossip a little worried.

While on the one hand star men attribute to gay love, with other matchmaker with other representatives of show business. So, curious fans have not seen what “loving eyes looking at Lazarev Ani Lorak,” which, in their opinion, hints at something more than friendship.

Recall that the husband Ani Laroque, Murat Nalchajian, ridiculous congratulated the wife with mother’s Day right from the night club.

As previously reported Znayu Ani Lorak suddenly went to Byelorussia, where he was spotted in the arms of the handsome young man.

Also Znayu wrote that the singer received the award “Golden gramophone” in Russia.


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