Long among us: NASA’s acknowledge that aliens have already visited Earth

Давно среди нас: в NASA признают, что пришельцы уже побывали на Земле

people’s ideas about aliens

NASA scientists have suggested that aliens may already have visited earth, but escaped detection because their appearance is very different from the expectations of the people.

In their research, published on 3 December, a scientist from the Ames Research center in California Silvano Colombano argues that humanity must expand their understanding of extraterrestrial life. In particular, he admits that it does not have to be the carbon body, as people. About the research the scientist writes Newsweek.

According to the scientist, people need to reconsider our “cherished assumption” to be more flexible in their understanding of extraterrestrial life.

“I just want to point out the fact that the mind that we might find and who might find us if it hasn’t happened yet, it may be not the carbon body, as we are,” – said the scientist.

Давно среди нас: в NASA признают, что пришельцы уже побывали на Земле

In his opinion, if the aliens do not like people in their chemical composition, then you will have to change the views on the essence of life.

“Our average lifespan is no longer considered a restriction. You may have to deal with the missions that involve a generational change, or stasis. But the size of the extraterrestrial “Explorer” can be extremely tiny supersunday essence”, – said the scientist.

In their study of San Colombano is a probability that while humanity searches for aliens in space, they were able to develop such advanced technology that people can’t even imagine.

Давно среди нас: в NASA признают, что пришельцы уже побывали на Земле

“Despite the fact that the technological development of our civilization began only about 10 thousand years ago, and scientific methods have appeared only within the last 500 years, we can come to the conclusion that we are dealing with a real problem in forecasting the evolution of technology even in the next thousand years,” he explained.

In comments to Newsweek the scientist said that there is a probability that the Earth has long called for the work of the aliens.

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