Loana : her ex Phil Storm miracle, he reveals to have made a STROKE

Loana : son ex Phil Storm miraculé, il révèle avoir fait un AVC

Loana : her ex Phil Storm has almost die of a STROKE.

Been away for a few days of social networks, Phil Storm has confessed to its subscribers Instagram to have made a STROKE. The former of Loana stated that he nearly died, then he was plunged into a “deep coma” and the victim of a “respiratory arrest”. Now, he prefers to enjoy a more tranquil life.

The former of Loana confides on his STROKE

While his ex Loana will be soon once again on your television screens in The Villa of Broken Hearts 4 on TFX, his former little Phil Storm, the breach of which had done so much to talk about on social networks, would have made a terrible STROKE. “Hello, friends ! I’m back ! Life is precious,” he writes in a post to Instagram after having been away for some time from the social network, before explaining to his followers : “After a stroke 10 days ago, I had need of rest”.

A difficult trial, including Phil Storm seems to have already pointed out, he who now wishes to take advantage of every second of its existence : “This reminds us that we must live each moment to the bottom. A new life starts for me. A quiet life, to live each moment. #lovelife”. The former boyfriend of Loana has even unveiled a selfie in the same post, just to show people that it gets better.

“Everything can change overnight”

His confession has garnered a hundred “likes” and many messages of support. Phil Storm, therefore, has thanked its subscribers in a comment : “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your messages. I am deeply touched by your little words.” “This was not the last day for me” he also said, adding to have been dipped in a “deep coma” and had been the victim of a “respiratory arrest”. “I’m still here, and thanks to the aid and service of reanimation university hospital who have been fantastic. Thanks to them,” he pointed out, happy to be alive.

Determined to change his mode of life, he concluded : “This let me think that everything can change from one day to the next day. Inexorably. Now, a life that is peaceful and far from the noise of waiting for me. Thank you very much”.


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