Lilia Podkopayeva boasted favorite hottie: photo

Лилия Подкопаева похвасталась любимым красавчиком: фото

The star Ukrainian girl Liliya Podkopayeva, which is going soon to be married, shared a touching picture with his fans.

Podkopayeva has published on his page in Instagram the photo of his son and left under the post kind words. Things are not so simple, because Vadim’s birthday – he was 13 years old.

“Be always honest and brave. Be yourself. Take everything from life beautiful moments, dream, be happy, girl. “ Lilia Podkopayeva

Members of the athletes in the review noted that Vadim is very grown up.

Лилия Подкопаева похвасталась любимым красавчиком: фото

Also recall recent birthday was celebrated the daughter of Lilia Podkopayeva. Carolina was 12 years old.

Recallthat Podkopayeva said that the disgraced singer Ani Lorak, which was active in Russia, remains part of her family.

Answering the question of how an athlete can explain touring godmother of his daughter in a country that went to war with Ukraine, Lily said that political manipulation is very much may hurt the image, but they never hurt the friendship.

Лилия Подкопаева похвасталась любимым красавчиком: фото

“Carolina was, is and will be part of our family. This is a man who brings joy and emotion onstage” – said Podkopayeva.

She also reminded fans that lorac introduces a lot of countries in the world with the beauty of Ukrainian song.

“It is not only in the Russian Federation and around the world. This girl sings in the Ukrainian language. She talks about traditions, love, and not just for show”, concluded Lily.

Лилия Подкопаева похвасталась любимым красавчиком: фото

As reported Know.ia, ex-elect Podkopayeva was arrested on suspicion of treason.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote Podkopayeva made a record amount to rescue the former.


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