Legacies season 1 : the huge revelation about Caroline explained by Julie Plec

Legacies saison 1 : l'énorme révélation sur Caroline expliquée par Julie Plec

Legacies season 1 : the huge revelation about Caroline explained by Julie Plec

But where did Caroline in season 1 of Legacies ? It is to this question that was answered in the episode 6 broadcast on the CW in the US on Thursday 6 December. And as has entrusted to Julie Plec, this revelation was indispensable. Attention spoilers.

Caroline might be the mom of Josie and Lizzie, two of the heroines of the series Legacies – a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries / The Originals, the character of Candice King is mysteriously absent since the beginning of season 1. What to understand that she is a bad mother ? That she left the family home after yet created the school Salvatore ? That she is dead ? Nothing of all this.

The absence of Caroline explained

While the fans wondered more and more about his lack of lack of credibility in the story, Julie Plec (the creator) and his team have finally taken advantage of episode 6 aired on Thursday 6 December to explain all this. As well, Carolina just isn’t present in Mystic Falls because she is currently traveling around the country in order to find a way to prevent one of her daughters die due to a ritual called The Merge.

A revelation as unexpected as amazing, but it is important for Julie Plec. Microphone to TVLine, she was in fact entrusted on the reasons of this story : “We didn’t want Caroline going to an irresponsible mom. It is a very good mom and it always has been for his daughters. So if it is not present at their side at the time of this huge event in their lives (their 16th birthday), he had a real good reason.” Not a fake.

A secret important

For those who don’t know, the ritual in question would be to see the twins merge and become one (the most powerful would survive and the other would be condemned to die). And according to the showrunner, this well-kept secret has not been introduced simply to save the image of Caroline. On the contrary, it will have a very important role in future episodes : “It will be a secret that Alaric will try to preserve the whole season, but who will not ask to get out. I think it will really be a turning point for the girls when they go to discover what Jo was talking about“.


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