Last day: now, about the end of the world known to all

Последний день: теперь о конце света известно все

Very soon it could be catastrophic. and this, according to the researchers, will be the last day for the Earth and its inhabitants.

In Network, there is a flurry of predictions because of the “approaching of planet X with an extremely elongated orbit”.

While ufologists have even calculated the exact date of the end of the world. The Apocalypse, according to their forecasts, should occur on December 16.

Also stresses that cause the inevitable end of the world is called the mysterious Nibiru.

Последний день: теперь о конце света известно все

the end of the world

This time it is projected that she wouldn’t just break apart and detonate, which will lead to the spread of powerful heat waves and burning in the area.

Последний день: теперь о конце света известно все

planet X

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The ground quietly destroyed by natural disasters

American seismologist managed to fix unusual tremors on 11 November 2018. The researcher said in his Twitter that the tremors beneath the earth happened in Zambia, and then spread to other regions.

We will remind, scientists have recorded anomalous rumble at the bottom of the Indian ocean. What is this and when there was yet no one can say. Scientists suggest that it may be associated with the tremors near the island of Mayotte. The phenomenon is called the cry of the Earth.

As previously reported by the portal Know.ia, Alaska was rocked by a powerful earthquake. The house shook like paper, and the roads cracked up, like chocolate. Network pokazli creepy shots of the natural disaster, which was 7 points on the Richter scale.

The portal previously Know.Eeyore wrote that Ukraine faces a serious earthquake in the next 10-20 years. Seismologists give disappointing forecasts the inhabitants of Transcarpathia and recommend people to find a safer place to live.

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