Killing of Sète : thirty years of imprisonment is required in call against Charles Pujol

Tuerie de Sète : trente ans de réclusion requis en appel contre Charles Pujol

At the time, a silent march was organised in memory of the victims.

Thirty years of imprisonment were required against the Sétois Charles Pujol, this Thursday evening, at the end of his appeal trial, which was held in Carcassonne this week.

The prosecution has requested, that Thursday night, and thirty years of imprisonment against the Sétois Charles Pujol, a retrial on appeal in Carcassonne for the killing of Sète, on the 1st of December 2012.

Almost six years after the tragedy, the survivors and relatives of the victims are replongés during these last four days, in this night of carnage that occurred in the neighbourhood of the Triplet. In the box of the accused, a retrial in the appeal court in Carcassonne, Charles Pujol, 54 years : he was prosecuted for having killed two of his neighbors and seriously injured two others with his automatic pistol, a Colt 45.

Fabrice Reilles and Michel Pepe lost their lives

The evening of December 1, 2012, six adults and a child were found in an apartment of the residence of the Triplet in Sète for an evening between friends. To a 1am in the morning, Charles Pujol, a neighbor, exasperated by the noise, requires silence. He returned armed with an automatic pistol and fires several shots.

Four people are injured. Two of them will succumb to their injuries : Fabrice Reilles, 32 years old, ” says Papou and his cousin Michel Pepe, a 42-year-old. The other two are seriously injured : Mounir and his girlfriend Valerie. Another couple stayed in the apartment and the daughter of Mounir and Valerie (aged two years) are safe and sound. The shooter, now at the age of 49 years, and which, according to the first elements of the investigation, was under anxiolytic and antidepressant, as to the facts. He will be placed in detention. In him, we will find six weapons. The man had permission to carry firearms.

Sentenced to thirty years in the first instance

In January 2016, for these two murders and the two attempts, the criminal court of the Herault, while recognizing the alteration of his judgment having regard to his state of depression and its treatment drug, was sentenced to thirty years in prison, the maximum sentence.

The attorney general has not pronounced on it this Thursday.

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