Keep: enuresis offered to treat shock

Держи при себе: энурез предложили лечить током

An electronic implant that is deployed over the buttocks, get rid of urinary incontinence millions of people.

New invention-sized “stick” affects the nerves in the spine and allows you to regulate urination, reports the Daily Mail.

Держи при себе: энурез предложили лечить током

Implantat, created by the American company Axonics, charged via a wireless device that is attached to the belt. The life term of 15 years, three times more than all existing analogues.

“The previous devices were the size of a matchbox, now we have to make a very small incision. In addition, the implant is recharged, which eliminates repeated operations to replace the device,” says urologist Neil Harris (Neil Harris) from the University of Leeds.

According to the inventors, the device will cost around £ 20,000 and will reduce the number of surgical operations.

Держи при себе: энурез предложили лечить током

Operation on introduction of the device takes about an hour. The surgeon makes an incision 1 cm long in the lower back and uses x-rays to provide the cannula with a diameter of 5 mm (hollow tube) into the sacral region of the spine. Wire length of 30 cm with a diameter of 3 mm is fed through the cannula.

After the wire is fixed, is a second small incision over the buttock for the generator implant under the skin.

The implant is already tested on volunteers. Patients who have experienced the action of the device, say that three hours after the operation could get back to the usual lifestyle. In 91 % of cases showed improvement of symptoms.

According to scientists, the urinary incontinence is caused by malfunction of the detrusor of the bladder, which is located in the walls of the bladder. Shell relaxes so the bladder can fill with urine, and then shrinks him when he is full. But sometimes the muscles are compressed too often, creating the sudden urge to use the toilet.

Держи при себе: энурез предложили лечить током

Earlier, scientists have created a device that fits in the nostril and helps to regain the lost sense of smell.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” British scientists have given new hope to people with aggressive type of breast cancer.

Also “Znayu” wrote that British scientists have proposed a combined technique for diagnosis and removal of tumors in the lungs.


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