Jokes on 3 December, will create a festive atmosphere

Анекдоты на 3 декабря создадут праздничную атмосферу

For someone winter is the excuse to wear the favorite ski suit and go play in the snow, but for someone – another reason to complain about the cold. No matter who you are: a lover of the summer heat or scratchy cold jokes from Znayu laugh all. Through this collection, you will feel like you already came the Christmas holidays and there is no need to rush.

In the registry office Valerie had no idea what she wears on the ring finger of his future crown on the 7th the bottom.

I want to speak in the language of flowers. For example, take the pot of geraniums and run it in someone’s head.

On the survey question: “What are you going to do after school?” the graduates of the vast majority of cases, gave the answer: “If you’re lucky, nothing…”

Анекдоты на 3 декабря создадут праздничную атмосферу

There are days when I sit in front of the TV all day. Boring terrible. But if you turn it on, it will be even worse.

Bella M., may I have this dance!

Oh, how nice, Fima! And the night you don’t snore?

– Izzy, where did you get such a gorgeous watch?

Is my dad before his death was sold.

Nothing excites a girl like slight former biting their elbows…

Анекдоты на 3 декабря создадут праздничную атмосферу

Until you leave somewhere for a long time, will realize how much you love your home!

– Well, if from Urupinsk in Paris, not the fact…

– Doctor! I’m so sorry to call you in the rain!

– Nothing, I have in the next house another patient, so I kill two birds with one stone.

One Deputy says to the other:

What we all hate?

And I don’t understand, we don’t do anything…

The main thing is – who first put on a Bathrobe, and the doctor.

– I’m only 30 years old, and I have a three-storey house, Chicks, organic food from the garden. And do not be jealous of me!

– Petrovich, stop playing the “Funny farm”. We still have two cars with the tiles unload.

Анекдоты на 3 декабря создадут праздничную атмосферу

Today about the decision to unite said the TV channel “alcoholics Anonymous” and the TV channel “Hunting and fishing”.

Marriage need to be divided into two problems, which the lonely man just can’t be.


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