Jesus Christ came to Putin, but the guards detained him

Иисус христос явился Путину, но охрана его задержала

A resident of Moscow (Russian Federation) I. Jesus Christ staged a riot in the Alexander garden and tried to break through to the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin.It is reported

According to the newspaper, the incident occurred on Wednesday, November 28. So, the man began to cling to passers-by shouted that he was lying naked in a coffin and rose from the dead, and when he drew the attention of the police, told guards that he needed to get to Putin.

Иисус христос явился Путину, но охрана его задержала

Christ claimed that he wants to convey to the head of the Kremlin flag and tell about sleeping in a coffin – the man was taken to the police station. Because he had behaved inappropriately, the police called an ambulance – he was taken to hospital.

It should be noted that “a namesake of the son of God,” earlier “famous” for, caught stealing mobile phone. He came to a seminar at the health centre and took from his chair, a strange machine, which is then sold on the radio. Against men opened a criminal case, but the court found the Christ incapacitated.

Иисус христос явился Путину, но охрана его задержала

“Father has been freed from criminal prosecution, and I managed to persuade the court to sentence him to outpatient treatment. Every day he had to take pills, once every two weeks to come to the doctor for an injection and every six months to be screened, because he was diagnosed with a serious illness – delusions of grandeur. At first, he unquestioningly obey the injunction, but has recently stopped working and have refused the pill,” – said the daughter of a detainee.

In an interview, Christ told that he was born in Moscow, finished school, learned to be a Turner, served a two-year “deferral”. After the army, together with colleagues opened my own business, involved in Antiques. In 1996 he married the daughter of a Deputy, a confidant of Boris Yeltsin, but a year later they divorced. After that the man had a “rethinking life”.

Иисус христос явился Путину, но охрана его задержала

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