Jane the Virgin : a spin-off totally crazy in preparation

Jane the Virgin : un spin-off totalement fou en préparation

Jane the Virgin : a spin-off totally crazy in preparation

You cry already the end of Jane the Virgin at the end of season 5 ? Don’t worry, the series might soon have the right to a spin-off. And after the first information, the result should surprise a viewer.

The next year, the CW will broadcast the season 5 of Jane the Virgin, which unfortunately will be the last in the series. However, nothing says that the universe of Jane will be completely absent from our screens once the last episode aired. So no, any string should save the fiction and no film should see the light of day, but a spin-off is currently in development.

A spin-off totally meta

According to the information Deadline, the string would indeed be an unexpected idea to make live the legacy of Jane the Virgin. The program ? This series is derived may as well be an anthology (story/characters/actors per season), which would take the form of a telenovela, and whose history would be every year… an adaptation for tv of different books fictional Jane (Gina Rodriguez could serve as narrator).

Yes, after having followed Jane during her writing process, we could finally discover the final outcome of his works. A concept as surprising as intriguing that we would provide a result that is totally meta and ultra referenced. After all, we know that the heroine is strongly inspired by his family to write…

Attention, nothing says that the project will actually the day. Nevertheless, when you know that all the original team of Jane the Virgin is already assembled, there is no doubt that the CW and the creators are taking it very seriously.


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