Jana Kramer (The Brothers Scott) mom for the second time after her miscarriage 👶

Jana Kramer (Les Frères Scott) maman pour la deuxième fois après sa fausse couche 👶

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Jana Kramer (The Brothers Scott) mom for the second time after her miscarriage

Pink diary for Jana Kramer ! A year after her miscarriage, who played Alex Dupre in The Brothers Scott gave birth to her second child on 29 November 2018 and it is on Instagram as she announced the good news. How, then, to the actress and her husband Mike Caussin have they called their little boy ? The answer is here.

In December 2017, Jana Kramer announced the sad news : she has lost her baby after a miscarriage. “I do not want people to tell me ‘I’m sorry’ or sympathy. I don’t want to feel alone. I know that I am not. This is not my first loss. When I discovered that I was pregnant, I wanted to scream but I know that it is necessary to wait“, she wrote at the time. A horrible tragedy, but the former star of the Brothers Scott has not lost hope of becoming a mother for the second time after the birth of his daughter, Jolie Rae in January 2016.

Jana Kramer gave birth to her second child

For proof, the actress of 34 years old fell pregnant, as she announced in the month of June. She then revealed to wait a little boy… before announcing his birth on Friday 30 November 2018 : “welcome to the world Jace Joseph Caussin. Our hearts are overflowing with love. Thank you to all our friends and family… and thank you to all those who have supported Mike, our growing family and me. We are blessed, “she posted on Instagram in the caption of a photo on which Jana Kramer tenderly kisses her son alongside her husband Mike Caussin. Congratulations to the parents !

“I love you so much baby boy”

The interpreter of Alex Dupre, who has been a victim of domestic violence, then shared a snapshot of her son at the maternity hospital to explain the reason why she chose “Jace” as the first name : “when I found out that Jace wanted to say, “healing”, I immediately knew that it would be your first name. It has been a true source of healing when we learned that we were lucky to have another baby. I love you so much baby boy.


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