Jackie Chan shocked by the memories of his youth: slept with prostitutes and smashed on 2 cars in a day

Jackie Chan

Chinese and American actor Jackie Chan, whose daughter was married to a woman stunned by the revelations in his memoirs Never Grow Up (“Never grow up”). In the book, the star calls himself “a real bastard” and admits she “behaved abominably with women.”

This writes DailyMail.

In addition, Chan said that he slept with prostitutes, often sat behind the wheel drunk, and even once morning broke Porsche, and in the evening of the same day – estradil Mercedes Benz.

Jackie Chan admitted that his first girlfriend, whose name was Chang, he acted is completely unacceptable. The actor called himself a terrible boyfriend and said that he took any job to leave Hong Kong and not spending time with her. But if he came home and there were Chang, I immediately went to play cards and drink with friends.

His wife Joan is Lazy, which he calls the love of his life, Jackie Chan met during a trip to Taiwan, where she came from.

“Joan was a beloved actress with a respectable image. And I’m not a kung fu guy. And was it not worthy.”

They tried to keep their affair secret, but in 1981, Lin was pregnant and the couple decided to get married. Modest wedding took place in Los Angeles.
Throughout pregnancy wife Jackie tried to stay away from her and worked in other cities. He says foolishly, after listening to his friends, decided that Laziness from him just want money. And constantly tried to hide it from her.

The couple often lived apart. Jackie Chan also admitted that he was so involved in his career, not paid time with the family , and once during an argument left a young son on the sofa.

“I was selfish and didn’t know how to sympathize with others. I were easily influenced. But Joan has allowed me to be free. I respect her and thank her for what she sacrificed so much for me,” says star.

However, this did not prevent Chan to change his wife. In 1999, a major scandal caused by his relationship with “Miss Asia” Elaine From Qili, who bore him a daughter Etta, Joline.

“I made the mistake that many men in this world,” has publicly stated Jackie, who has never been involved in raising illegitimate daughter and supports her no contact. A word he didn’t mention ETTU and memoirs.

Star martial arts has admitted that one day he looked at himself in the mirror and said to myself: “Well, you bastard” and vowed to change their behavior.

Recall, illegitimate daughter of Jackie Chan Yetta, Jolin entered into a lesbian marriage with his girlfriend-a canadian Andy Otomi, and before she complained that she had to sleep under a bridge.

As reported by the portal Znayu Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan has played in the blockbuster “Alien”

Also Znayu wrote Jackie Chan purchased a racing team in Le Mans


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