It’s a shame the national team of Ukraine lost to slovacca in an important match

Сборная Украины обидно уступила словачкам в важном матче

Ukrainian team handball came out on Euro 2018, so to make it to the playoffs of world Cup qualification-2019, “yellow-blue” need to overcome the group stage of qualification. In the group of Ukrainian women — four teams, matches will last three days, and in the play-off and only the group winner.

Сборная Украины обидно уступила словачкам в важном матче

In the first match Ukrainian women played against the main rival – the national team of Slovakia.

The Slovak twice significantly added to the end of the half, won quite a significant victory with a difference of 4 goals. In the first half, Slovakia were winning during the whole 30 minutes, but at the end of half brought the difference to +4 (17:13).

After the break Ukraine have increased significantly, but luck was on the side of Slovakia. The ending again left for rivals: score 29:29 turned at 36:32 in favour of mistresses of a field.

The selection for the world Cup 2019. The first round. 1st round

Israel — Kosovo, 28:25 (16:11)

Slovakia — Ukraine 36:32 (17:13)

The victory of Ukrainian team

The national team of Ukraine on basketball in the ninth match of qualification for the world championship won a landslide victory over the team of Slovenia.

Ukrainians in Zaporozhye, having the advantage in each of the quarters, won the match with a difference of 28 points.

Сборная Украины обидно уступила словачкам в важном матче

The victory allowed the team of Evgeny Murzin temporarily rise to third place in the qualifying group, which allows you to continue the fight for qualifying for the world Cup.

Сборная Украины обидно уступила словачкам в важном матче

It should be noted that Slovenian team is the reigning champion of Europe on basketball.

Ukraine – Slovenia– 82:54 (22:18, 13:7; 23:9; 24:20)

Ukraine: Kobets – 13 + 4 rebounds, 3 assists; Bliznyuk – 11 + 7 rebounds, 5 assists; Sanon – 11 + 3 steals; Bobrov – 11 + 6 rebounds; Lime – 10 + 8 assists; Kravtsov – 10 + 6 rebounds; Boyarkin – 6 + 4 assists; herun summarizes – 6 + 5 rebounds Pavlov – 2.

Slovenia: Hrovat – 13 + 4 rebounds; Mesicek – 12 + 3 rebounds; Rebets – 9 + 3 rebounds, 4 assists; Dimce – 6; Cancer – 5 5 rebounds.

Ukrainian women and Eurobasket

Women’s team of Ukraine will play at the European championship in 2019, which will be held in Latvia and Serbia.

In the final match of the qualifying round Ukrainian team lost to the Spaniards (71:84). But even this result allowed our girls to take second place in group F. the Ukrainian representatives ahead of the Netherlands and Bulgaria.

Сборная Украины обидно уступила словачкам в важном матче

The Ukrainian team, headed by Goran Boskovic, was one of the best six teams that took second places in the group and qualified for the European championship.

A list of all participants of the women’s Eurobasket-2019: Latvia (home), Serbia (hosts), Spain, Russia, Turkey, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Montenegro, great Britain, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, France, Ukraine.

Сборная Украины обидно уступила словачкам в важном матче

We add that the national team of Ukraine for the fourth time in a row goes to the European championship.

The victory of Ukrainian team

Women’s national team of Ukraine on basketball produced a crushing victory over the Bulgarian team in qualification for the Championships 2019.

Ukrainian women without problems started the game, gradually Paraschiva their advantage. As a result, the team of Goran Bošković went into halftime with a lead of 10 points.

The breakthrough came in the third quarter, when the Ukrainian won the 10-minute period with the score 24:5 and finally removed all questions on the winner of the match.

In the national team the most effective was traditionally Alina Yagupov – 26-year-old native of the Dnieper played almost 35 minutes and scored 32 points (13 of the 19 games, 10 of 13 from the free throw line).

In the final qualification match for the European championship the national team of Ukraine on November 21 will play an away game with Spain.

Bulgaria – Ukraine 60:86 (15:21, 15:19, 5:24, 25:22)

Ukraine: Yagupov (35 + 6 assists + 5 rebounds + 4 steals + 1 block-shot), Udodenko (14 + 5 rebounds + 5 assists), moss (11 + 4 rebounds + 4 steals + 3 assists – 4 losses), Naumenko (11 + 6 rebounds + 3 assists), Gorobets (0) – start, bila Tserkva (7 + 4 assists), Uro-Nile (4 + 6 rebounds), Radulovic (3 + 5 rebounds), Rymarenko (2), Olkhovyk (2), Samburski (0).

As reported by the portal Znayu Ukrainian artist Lani did a slam dunk and scored a three-pointer in the NBA.


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