Italy grabbed the godfather “Cosa Nostra” and 50 mafia

В Италии схватили крестного отца "Коза ностры" и 50 мафиози

In Sicily arrested the leader of the “Cosa Nostra” Settimana Mineo and another fifty members of the most famous Italian mafia.

It is reported by ANSA.

Mobster charged with involvement in mob activities extortion, illegal possession of weapons and other serious crimes. It is known that the arrest of the heads of the “Cosa Nostra” was the carabinieri of the province of Palermo.

The arrest of members of the mafia was the result of long operation.

В Италии схватили крестного отца "Коза ностры" и 50 мафиози

The publication notes that the mafia lately has been a rather difficult period of restructuring. He was associated with prolonged absence of rigid centralized management.

Bosses of a few clans “Cosa Nostra” decided to recreate the leadership structure of the mafia. They decided to give Mineo powers of the so-called “godfather.”

It is worth noting that 80-year-old Mineo was headed by the “Cosa Nostra” in November last year after the previous death of the mafia leader Toto Riina, who was serving in prison for a life sentence.

Earlier it was reported that during a visit to Sicily the Pope Francis has delivered a speech to the local mafia. In his speech, the Pontiff said that there are many members of criminal organizations that demonstrate their religiosity and go to Church. However, such people are unable to believe in God and at the same time be mafia. Reported by the BBC.

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As reported Know. ua, the Pope turned to the mafia. The Pontiff said that people cannot believe in God and be mafia.

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