It was not in Spanish: Nastya Kamensky cursed live, the ears of Ukrainians have wilted

Это было не по-испански: Настя Каменских выругалась в прямом эфире, уши украинцев повяли

The singer Nastya Kamenskih, which conquers the world charts with Latin American songs, at home swearing like a trooper. So, on Saturday, December 1, on the next edition of X-factor 9 Anastasia, as a judge, gave the whole country something obscene.

Note, issue was devoted to the popular nostalgic songs of the 90s years. Favorites and project leaders were preparing their performances for a whole week to master the composition of judges.

But in the end he had Nasty, making it clear that the Princess also… a Yeller. As a member of the jury Kamensky commented on by Mark Savin, but her language somehow refused to listen to her. The result Kamensky gave a couple of dirty words in front of stunned viewers. Needless to say that all the media and social networks exploded with discussions of the confusion of the sultry singer.

“Mark, I remember the past… last time we all criticized your number and I said that I wanted some spots to add on this white canvas. I wanted something like this… the Bombs wanted. I’ll tell you that today was a success. I believe you a hundred percent. Do you today, here, now, was real. I don’t know your story, but you voice it gave what I weigh…you see: I… you… the Hell, what I have today is with the language? But I see that for you today was a big deal to convey their feelings,” said Nastya Kamensky.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” Nastya Kamensky, who became the singer of the year, came to the ceremony without underwear.

Anastasia came out in a rather revealing outfit. From the clothes she was wearing only a transparent blouse, stitched in the manner of Golden chain mail, which covered the elegant shape of the actress. Besides, she’s not wearing under her bra. Individual attention and the singer’s trousers – black, lacquered and that has attracted worldwide attention, with a train of the same color. It can rightly be called the Queen of outrageous this festive parties.

ATTENTION! Video contains profanity (18+)

Kamensky also complements the image of jewelry producing its own brand: it was the choker with the logo “NK” and the rings brass knuckles with the symbols of “NK” and “FAM”. In the photos, which appeared in the Ukrainian media, Kamensky had a bit of a wriggle.

Recall, Nastya Kamenskikh surprised fans with a new image.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the Kamensky caught in a tender embrace Potap.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Nastya Kamensky has pleased fans with a new geeky photo.


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