Iris Mittenaere as a couple ? His big rant in the face of rumours

Iris Mittenaere en couple ? Son gros coup de gueule face aux rumeurs

Iris Mittenaere : his rant following the rumours of couples

Iris Mittenaere is again in a relationship with Kev Adams ? She succumbed to the charm of Anthony Colette, dancer in Dancing with the Stars 9 ? In the Face of numerous rumours about his private life, the Miss France 2016 and Miss Universe 2016 has pushed a rant against the media, which it calls “tissue of lies”.

Iris Mittenaere is she in a relationship with Anthony Colette, his dancer of Dancing with the stars 9 ? Is it again with Kev Adams ? Is she single ? Some of the issues that excite the media… but that enervate the Miss France and Miss Universe 2016, which reacted several times. Invited Buzz TV du Figaro this Friday, December 7, 2018, she took the opportunity to push a new rant in the face of all these rumors.

“I think it’s a hyper-sexist”

“This is annoying, I find it hyper-sexist, in fact ! One is a woman, you must want to put us in a relationship with someone. To believe that we cannot succeed alone eventually ! It absolutely wants to put a young woman of 25 years old in a relationship with any friend. As soon as one is close to someone that you appreciate someone, it puts us as a couple and it is a bit annoying”.


Determined to defend his private life, the beauty queen admits to lodge a complaint against the media : “I attack each time because I consider that it is part of my private life, that often, in addition, they are lies. Ca reached my life, it reached my family and it reached a lot of people so, no, I don’t want you to go around telling a lot of lies that people believe.”. For her, the press is a “beautiful fabric of lies”. This is said !


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