Intern Google almost killed a company with one click

Стажер Google едва не погубил компанию одним кликом

One of the interns Google pressed the wrong button during the training in the company, which on many web pages and applications appeared blank ad in a yellow box. On Thursday, 6 December, reports the Financial Times. However, this can be harmless error. But it’s a little different, given the scope and scale of the search company.

Стажер Google едва не погубил компанию одним кликом

As for losses, they totalled about $10 million. According to him, the incident occurred at a time when employees were told about how to use the internal Google AdX to buy ads on the Internet in real time. It seems that something went wrong. Surprisingly, the Intern biggest company in the world could obtain access to such data.

“One of the trainees and consultants accidentally applied for the acquisition of advertising for the company at a price of $25, which is much higher than the market price of $2 – $4. In Google have noticed the mistake only after 45 minutes, all the while ads are displayed to users from the USA and Australia, after which the banners were removed from all sites,” – said in the message.

Стажер Google едва не погубил компанию одним кликом

Soon in Google expressed willingness to pay compensation for the feedback network banners all sites and companies in which they were randomly acquired.

Recall that Google has again decided to bury their own project. We are talking about Google Allo, which was to outshine all the messengers, and even Telegram and Viber. However, something went wrong, and the messenger ceased to generate income.

Earlier Znayu reported that the head of the company Xiaomi has confirmed that the market could soon be a fancy smartphone. It is reported that he received a whopping 48 MP camera. However, lenses will be at least three, given the specifications of the camera. In the network there were even photos, but it displays only a smartphone camera and number of pixels.

Znayu wrote that Microsoft began to develop a new version of Windows. Apparently, this is the Lite version of the OSes, so everyone will be able to install it on slower PCs. By the way, it will not just be a truncated version and full-fledged alternative, because it will create from scratch.


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