Instead of apartments Klitschko decided to warm Kiev boiling water directly into the streets: scenes of the disaster

Вместо квартир у Кличко решили согреть киевлян кипятком прямо на улицах: кадры катастрофы

burst pipe

In Kiev, there was another breakthrough of the heating system. Hot mud gushed this time on the prospect of Valery Lobanovsky, 146.

About it eyewitnesses who are sharing video from the event.

The video shows gushing from under the pavement. The road has turned into a hot lake.

The plot is fenced with red-white ribbon. However, brigade public utilities are seen.

People can’t get to the houses, it is necessary to go round.

While the official comment and no details. There is also no information about the victims.

The elite house in Kiev swam

In Kiev flooded the famous residential complex “Comfort town”. Zdania to the basement was in the water, she spread out all the yards in the neighborhood.

Вместо квартир у Кличко решили согреть киевлян кипятком прямо на улицах: кадры катастрофы

Also earlier burst pipe with hot water on the corner of Velyka Vasylkivska and Business.

The network also clarify that a broken pipe has a large diameter, and boiling water poured over hundreds of metres of footpath and road. A couple of climbs to a height of 10-15 meters.

We will remind, accident on heating mains occur almost daily in the capital. The last time it was repaired a total of 30 kilometers of pipes. However, the total length of heating systems in 100 times more and 90% is in terrible condition.

As previously reported by the portal Know.ia, as a result of breakthrough heating in the heart of the capital on the roadway formed a huge hole, where the hell is taxi car.

The portal previously Know.Eeyore wrote that in Kiev on the street of Builders, on Brovarsky Prospekt near the metro station Darnitsa bridge formed a failure. Communal tell that it happened due to a broken plate.


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