Instagram will allow you to hide from your mom “junk” photo

Instagram позволит скрыть от мамы "нежелательные" фото

Social network Instagram added to your settings new feature. It will allow users to control who can see their posts in the feed.

This publication reports the Independent.

Thanks to the new feature, users will be able to control who will see their posts in the feed. They previously had the ability to control its own Stories.

A new feature called “Close friends” and it enables users to publish posts to specific groups of people, and not for everyone.

Instagram позволит скрыть от мамы "нежелательные" фото

Earlier it was reported that the developers of Instagram will significantly simplify the process of shopping through the platform. Now you do not need to click on links to suspicious websites, and after they order the product.

Now in the video that demonstrates all the characteristics of a product, option will be available to create tags. This will allow buyers to consider in more detail the products.

Instagram позволит скрыть от мамы "нежелательные" фото

This is made clear to users that the largest social network plans to introduce the sale of products. In addition to beautiful photos, sellers can now use Instagram as a full-fledged site to sell their products and services.

Recall, Instagram will show how much time is wasted. The social network has acquired a useful function.

As reported Know. ua, Instagram will make life easier for people with disabilities. The system has learned to describe a photo in accessible language.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Instagram has turned into a marketplace. Shopping has improved markedly.


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