“Insolent 3” : Bigflo & Oli let go of a new freestyle powerful 🎵

“Insolent 3” : Bigflo & Oli let go of a new freestyle powerful

“It is not tired, not tired”, that’s a little philosophy of life of Bigflo & Oli in this moment. The two rappers toulouse will no longer stop between the promotion of their third album, “The dream life”, their tour of the Highest and their surprises to their fans as their all-new freestyle powerful, “Cheeky 3”. Listen to the on-PRBK.

On November 23, 2018, Bigflo & Oli are back in full force with their new album entitled “The dream life” which is “in continuity” of “real life” : “Some of the songs were planned already before the output of the real-life 1“, they explained in the month of October. The two rappers have given us a result that is a little more dark and deep than the previous ones and feats at the top as “This is that rap” with Soprano & Black M and “Tomorrow” with a Small Biscuit. A new project (yet) for the brothers !

Bigflo & Oli are celebrating the release of their album “Cheeky 3”

In addition to their studio recordings, Bigflo & Oli have been in the habit of releasing a few freestyles and a series called “Provocative” : the performers of “We as 2” come from elsewhere to draw the part 3 to celebrate the release of their album “The dream life” and the end of their tour of the Highest. They were accompanied by a video tour backstage of their concerts. A very good surprise for their fans and may be less for the haters.

The reason for this ? The two brothers from toulouse, to enjoy their song in order to settle accounts with those who accuse to rap too much fun and “white” : “If I’m doing a rap for children is to have the number of moms (…) Not hold a grudge, they make me just the money, ( … ), I am the son of an Algerian, but they say I rap to white“, and sway on one beat powerful.

This girl said to me ‘I prefer your freestyles that your albums’. Ras-le-bol, I’ve written a ‘Cheeky 3’ for this dirty bitch, “says Olivio, before returning to his brother on the chorus has already achieved cult status : “sku, sku ! Hey / bang, bang ! Hey / ooh ! Hey / ouais ouais ouais ouais.” If you have it in mind all day, this is not our fault 😇

"Insolent 3" : Bigflo & Oli lâchent un nouveau freestyle puissant 🎵

Bigflo & Oli unveil “Cheeky 3”


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