Insights from Patrick Sébastien before his show in Béziers : “I am a humanist”


Confidences de Patrick Sébastien avant son spectacle à Béziers : "Je suis un humaniste"

Confidences de Patrick Sébastien avant son spectacle à Béziers : "Je suis un humaniste"

“As long as physically I can, I will continue the feast.”

He will present “Intimate, before I forget” Friday, November 9, at Zinga Zanga. Between laughter and tears, it balance. Maintenance

Nine months exactly after the baptism Vias, you come and present your new show in Béziers. How is the baby ?

Very well. This is virtually the same, but it has evolved a bit to fit the news. There, it is really touring.

“Intimate” is also unclassifiable. How would you describe it ?

We can not say that it is a one-man show, since there are three musicians in acoustic. There is also a screen where I spend new screenshots, I play characters, I sing songs to text, but it is, above all, a funny sight.

And and then, that there has been every time, including Vias, where we had a standing-ovation, it is that people say to me : “You told us the truth.” That is to say, that I say a lot of things on tv, social networks… but there, in the eye, it is necessary that they believe what I tell them.

At least, that’s “your” truth…

Yes, I say things I do not say and it is up to the public to judge on the spot.

Is what you like scratch where it hurts or you consider yourself a gentile ?

I am basically nice. I am one of these comedians who scratch enough but who know how to stop before you do harm to someone. There are valves that are more or less robust. Like when I size a suit to the bobos on the left. I’m talking about our dear president and my relationships with successive presidents, but also of alcohol.

Why alcohol ?

Because I have experienced the excess up to my 32 years. It’s been a very long time and I’m talking about. Just like in my childhood where I was raised by someone other than my father. I have a new song also on the life, on the single thought, etc, I speak a little bit of everything. There are people who laugh a lot and others who cry.

In the name of “Intimate” you could not go in addition to your flaws many : the lack of a father, the loss of a child…

Exactly. Through me, people will recognize. It is Aznavour told me, when we had made the other side of the mirror : “We don’t sing his life, we sing to them.” Then, when I speak of the father who raised me and who was not my father, it speaks to many of the world. Just as when I speak of the relativity of the glory, the power…

And the humour too…

Of course. This is not very serious to say : “After the burial of Johnny and Aznavour, there will be no more person to be one of Michel Drucker.” It is funny, but not that bad.

Why did you want television, you show them ?

I have not had the desire to shine and I say at the end of my show : it is because my father did not recognize me, by chance, I went to get the recognition elsewhere. If he had done that, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Finally, I thank this guy. And most of the artists are in this case. When I passed my bac philo in candidate free, a prof (a species of pochtron who played poker in back rooms) had told us : “we must not live to think, it is necessary to think to live”. It has marked all the kids who were there. It has been applied.

Where does your love of words…

Yes, I always say, it is more difficult to write The Sardines as a book. A popular song, I would like to write one every morning, but it is complicated. My third life, I see it in writing and on the boards. I will never be able to do without it, even if there are three viewers, I will continue. As long as physically I can, I will continue the feast.

You play as the popular entertainment, but are you for all the populist ?

Popular entertainment, it’s costing me very dear, but, at the same time, it is my wealth. I prefer to be this side. Populism, I talk about how my show. I say that when one is not thinking only, you are said to be populist. And I’ll leave it to people to make sure to judge whether it is populist or in the truth. Love people, of the people, that is for sure, I’m a humanist, I have no contempt, no self-importance. And this is what I reproach the society of today : it is to be contemptuous and sufficient.

And the national populist, what do you think ?

That people who are neither far-right nor far-left, are going to vote for Marine Le Pen or Jean-Luc Mélenchon just because they have that ass full. And in Béziers, you know something ! I know what the people endure. How do the guys who have 800 € pension ? If this argument is populist, I say that it is realistic.

Five days after your show, you will observe your 65 years. Retirement, this is not for you…

It will come with the health. However, I never plot a straight line. The only one that I will not stop writing. Until I can continue typing on a computer, I will continue. Which leaves me to the margin…

Is it that there are people who would like to see you leave the business ?

Full ! I’ve always thought that it was my life that I needed to succeed and I’m not unhappy with the level of emotions that I experienced. I had the esteem of Brassens, Sting, alain Delon, Belmondo… And it is a wonderful gift to be valued by his idols. I meet a lot of people. They grew up with me and come to see me. Even those who were forced to watch “The greatest cabaret” at their grandparents… Those who have jumped on The Sardines. Also, I remember the Feria de Béziers in 2015, it was a true sharing. I am spoiled.

Looking back, what is it that you would like to change ?

I look especially in the back when I walk through the corridors of the tv. Joking aside, you can’t change anything, but if I could, I’ll come to my 8 year old.

In your show, you say : “If we put in jail all the guys that go to whores, it will be necessary to close the Senate.” That will make pleasure to our former mayor and senator Raymond Couderc…

This is not a sin quite serious. It is even less serious than donning voters.

What do you think of social networks ?

The pros and cons. Also, I attack and defend. There is nothing more malicious than social networks, because you can talk about anything on anyone but, at the same time, one has spun the word to all the world. Those who shut their mouths before you can open it. It is found in equality of tweets with Trump. It is a good thing. I’m not saying that it was better before, but not all.

The military service, and when you have 19 years, that these are the best years of your life, and that we’re sending you, under the flags, I would be upset about. Fortunately, I have not done it. I can’t help myself, a contrario, to have the nostalgia of the villages, the solidarity that there was, perfumes. When I see my 10-year old girl who spends her day on her phone, I tell myself that this is not my time. But, if I had had one at the time, I have done exactly the same thing.

# Friday 9 November, 20: 30, at Zinga Zanga. Rentals in the usual outlets.

# Saturday 10, Patrick Sebastien will be in dedication, Cultura, from 15-h.

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