In the cursed “crossroads Zaitseva” in Kharkov – a new accident: a mess

На проклятом "перекрестке Зайцевой" в Харькове - новое ДТП: сплошное месиво

The infamous Sumskaya street in Kharkov again there was a terrible accident. So, at the intersection of streets Sumy and Independence Avenue three cars faced. It is known that in the accident the Mazda, Hyundai and Daewoo Lanos.

This became known thanks to the message a press-services of regional management of national police.

На проклятом "перекрестке Зайцевой" в Харькове - новое ДТП: сплошное месиво

An unpleasant incident occurred at approximately 23:00, 4 Dec. There is information that in result of accident injuries received the driver of Lanos, who was hospitalized from the accident scene. At the moment the circumstances of the incident and the degree of fault of drivers establishes a investigative team.

It is worth Recalling that the medical examiner has not handed over a single document was found about opiates or examination by a psychiatrist supernumerary accident in Kharkov, Elena Zaitseva. About this on his page in Facebook wrote journalist Tatiana DIAC. The journalist noted that local law enforcement agencies inexplicably “forgot” about one of the main proofs of guilt of Elena Zaitseva in a terrible car accident in Kharkiv.

“It means they just do not what to do they wrote about it in forensics. This means that all of this was done by investigators during the investigation. This means that the Prosecutor could not fail to see, but somehow never returned to the unfinished examination of the back. Neither during the investigation nor during court,” she said.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in the United States had been a terrible accident with the bus, which was carrying children. Several dozen were injured, also were killed. The bus with children’s football team crashed in Arkansas. According to preliminary data 1 person was killed and 40 wounded. Children 9 to 12 years.

Recall, a terrorist, a robber locked himself in the apartment and threatened to kill his own mother, they had to use special forces.

As reported Znayu on the European road eight Ukrainians were in the “meat grinder”.

Also Znayu wrote, in Zaitseva-Dronov has emerged “little trick”, the dirty details from the families of the victims.


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