In Sweden, the aliens have infiltrated the military base, the guards opened fire

В Швеции иностранцы проникли на военную базу, охрана открыла стрельбу

In Sweden, two foreigners tried to enter a military base and was detained by militiamen. As noted by local newspaper Aftonbladet, the incident occurred at a military base Muske, located on an island in the South of the Stockholm archipelago. As the media says, the two strangers was noticed by the guards, who urged them to surrender. However, to give the foreigners were in no hurry. The guards then opened fire, making preliminary shots in the air. After that, the foreigners surrendered and was arrested. Their destiny will be decided by the court.

We recall that lasted a few minutes. Russian spies propagandists lit in the UK, the answer has not kept itself waiting.

Russian propaganda journalists suspected in the UK from filming secret military facilities.

About it reports The Daily Mail.

It is now known that the crew of the Russian TV channel, in the County of Berkshire filmed one of the most secret military bases. After the identification of the local Russians of the Ministry of defense sent to all military units, urgent telegrams for the threat of espionage by the Russians.

It is noted that on November 21, the journalist of the Russian TV channel Timur siraziev and cameraman Dmitry Volkov was arrested near the 77th army brigade – secret unit of the British army, which works with MI5, MI6 and SAS in the field of cybersecurity.

It is known that the promoters did allegedly report and were right in front of the fence of a military facility. Moreover, they closely approached the base, were seen near the barracks, it Turned out that shooting the operator of wolves led from the back seat of the car. Interestingly, the next day in the First channel broadcasted a program about the British “factory trolls near London”.

Immediately after the publication of the story of the Russian journalists appeared the reaction of the UK Ministry of defence, and the command intelligence launched an official inquiry into the actions of the Russians by sending out a warning to the commanders of all military units.

The troops were ordered to urgently contact the police if they see a reporter and cameraman from Russia near military installations (in the UK military do not have the right to detain people, and only the police). The report said that soldiers are forbidden to approach the Russian journalists and it is not recommended to engage in conversation with them.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Sweden has completely abandoned cash. Only 1% of Swedes today using cash. Massively open institutions, the doors of which hang signs “only the clearing”. Translate to clearing the last interest more difficult and expensive of all, however, it is expected that this will soon happen.


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