In France, more than 40 intellectuals launch an appeal : “Freedom for Asia Bibi”

En France, plus de 40 intellectuels lancent un appel : "Liberté pour Asia Bibi"

Asia Bibi has been sentenced to death in 2010…

More than forty French intellectuals have signed an appeal for the release “all business cessantes” of the Pakistani christian Asia Bibi, acquitted last week after a death sentence for blasphemy, but still imprisoned.

This call, launched by the philosopher Daniel Salvatore Schiffer, published on Wednesday, November 7, in Le Figaro, denounced the sentence as “abhorrent and retrograde,” which had struck Asia Bibi, sentenced to death in 2010 for blasphemy following an argument with the village muslim about a glass of water.

The signatories, including prominent people like Elisabeth and Robert Badinter, the ex-minister Luc Ferry, the philosopher Robert Redeker, the political scientist Pierre-André Taguieff, or even the lawyer and editor Jean-Claude Zylberstein, greet each other when the verdict is “both just and courageous” of the supreme Court of Pakistan, which had decided last week to pay the christian.

“In addition to a question of humanism, it is an issue of civilization

But the islamists, who are always demanding his execution, were blocked for three days the main areas of Pakistan, forcing the government of Prime minister Imran Khan sign a controversial agreement with them.

This has led to “push back” or “cancel” the release of Asia Bibi, complain to the signatories of the appeal, who see in this situation “is a negation, if not an outrage, the right itself”.

“In addition to a question of humanism, it is an issue of civilization”, add the signatories, citing the principles of “religious tolerance, the plurality of ideas and (…) equality between the sexes”.

On Monday, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo had declared itself ready to host Asia Bibi and her family in the French capital. The husband of the latter has requested asylum for his family and relatives in Great Britain, Canada and the United States.

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