“I’m not a killing machine and don’t want to participate in the destruction”: the refugee has lived more than six months at the airport before she got help

"Я не машина для убийства и не хочу участвовать в разрушении": беженец более полугода жил в аэропорту, прежде чем получил помощь

The Syrian Hasan al-Kontar had not sweet. To defend their rights the man lived in the airport of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for almost nine months. His story attracted international attention and became an eloquent illustration of the fate of many of the modern refugees.

On November 27 he finally arrived in Canada – this country was the only one that agreed to grant asylum 37-year-old Syrian national after a few years of his forced semi-wandering.

"Я не машина для убийства и не хочу участвовать в разрушении": беженец более полугода жил в аэропорту, прежде чем получил помощь

Volunteer Caring Society Canada Laurie Cooper, for the first time put the guy in his house in the canadian city of Whistler (British Columbia).

As reported by al-Kontar, his problems started when he worked in the United Arab Emirates and the Syrian Embassy refused to renew his passport because he did not go to military service.

After that, he unsuccessfully tried to get into Malaysia, Ecuador and Cambodia, however, all States were sent back. However, to participate in the conflict, the native of the Syrian city of es-Suweid not going to.

“I’m a living man and not think it’s right to take part in the war. It was not my decision, ‘ he told the BBC afterwards. I’m not a killing machine and don’t want in any way to participate in the destruction of Syria. Do not want blood on their hands.”

With an expired passport al-Kontar lost the legal right to work in the UAE and in October 2016 it has finally been arrested. After several months of detention a Syrian passport he has extended (until January 2019), but out of the country soon deported.

Syrian shares the success of his stay at the airport in social networks.

Some users have compared him to Tom Hanks ‘ character in the movie “the Terminal”.

In June 2018 Hassan al-Kontar posted a screenshot of the email that he sent to the American space Agency NASA is asking if he can join the nearest mission to Mars.

“At the moment, obviously, for me there is no place on Earth as no country gives me permission to enter,” wrote a Syrian, adding that he may be standing a candidate, as has already been seen “a lot of movies about space”.

The greatest activity in support of al-Kontar launched canadian volunteers – in particular the Muslim Association of British Columbia (province in Canada) and a charity Caring Society of Canada. The latter gathered more than 62 thousand and $13,6 million in support of the application of al-Kontar for refugee status in Canada and provided it with legal support.

The Syrian stood up even well-known international organization Amnesty International.

“The arrest of Hassan al-Kontar – another misstep in a series of misunderstandings regarding his case. To deport him to Syria, it would be monstrous, given the critical situation there and the obvious risks to his security, said Amnesty International. – The Malaysian authorities should respect the international principle of non-refoulement and to find a humanitarian solution for its heavy-duty mishaps”.

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جاءنا الآن مايلي: بيان رقم واحد

Geplaatst door Al Hassan Kontar op Maandag 26 november 2018

We will remind, activists have created symbols for the national team of refugees.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” a volunteer from Canada has removed on video as migrant children danced and enjoyed running in the snow.

Also “Znayu” I wrote cryptocurrencies will help to solve the refugee problem.


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