“Icarus Falls” : Zayn reveals the release date of his second album

"Icarus Falls" : Zayn dévoile la date de sortie de son deuxième album

Zayn Malik : the release date and the name of his new album finally released !

For months and months, Zayn Malik tease her second album with several songs, but his fans are very eager to know the release date. The ex-member of One Direction has made it last the suspense… until today. Yes, we know, finally, when his opus will be unveiled and we even know its name : “Icarus Falls”. It’s Christmas before the time !

We were supposed to go out in the months of February, march, “said Zayn Malik to Vogue UK a few weeks ago. As you may have noticed, the second album of the british singer was not released in the beginning of the year and the fans are starting to get impatient. It must be said that the sweetheart of Gigi Hadid plays with their nerves by revealing by-ci by-there pieces with strong potential for teaser the arrival of his next opus after “Mind of Mine”. When will we have so the chance to listen to the results in entirety ? This question remained unanswered for several months.

“Icarus Falls”, the new album Zayn Malik leaves…

You all know the proverb “better late than never” ? Well, it applies perfectly to this situation. You might also have difficulty believing, but it FINALLY knows the name and the date of release of the new album ZAYN : promised, this is not a joke, you would not dare to make you a false hope. So, when is it that you can buy “Icarus Falls” of the ex-member of One Direction ?

The answer is on 14 December, in two weeks. If you didn’t know what to ask for at Christmas… 😉 In addition to this good news, revealed on Apple’s Music, it is learned that the project to Zayn Malik will be composed of 27 titles including “Let Me”, “Too Much” in feat with Timbaland, “Sour Diesel”, “Entertainer”, “Fingers” and “No Candle No Light” in feat with Nicki Minaj. Not “Dusk Till Dawn” with Sia on the horizon. On the other hand, a new excerpt, entitled “Rainberry”, will be unveiled this Friday, November 30, 2018.

The fans go crazy

This announcement has obviously caused a wind of madness on Twitter : fans have not resisted to share their excitement with the hashtag #IcarusFalls, which is in TT France. “27 songs of Zayn in 1 album. How to stay calm?“, “ZAYN IF YOU SEE THIS I LOVE You!!“, “I’m so excited to be on the 14th of December, you imagine even what a point !“, “No, but 27 songs!!!! As it pressure shot mdrr, watch me die“, “ALBUM ZAYN ON DECEMBER 14, I feel like I HAVE to WAIT for IT FOR 47 YEARS“, one can read on Twitter.


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