Hypnotherapy disfigured surgeons, the fans blame Galkina

Пугачеву изуродовали хирурги, фанаты винят во всем Галкина

Iconic Russian singer Alla Pugacheva recently decided to leave the big stage, and then every year less began to appear at social events and parties. Also the celebrity stopped to load lots of pictures in Instagram, causing each release to be a real event and an occasion for discussions. However, recently visited Pugacheva birthday, Alla Victoria Kirkorova, the daughter of her former husband Philip Kirkorov.

Пугачеву изуродовали хирурги, фанаты винят во всем Галкина

The diva posed with music producer Armand Davletyarova that put the joint frame on the page. So, Davletyarov literally stirred the Network, because the fans immediately began to discuss the painful appearance of the actress, discussing all this in the comments. For selfie it is noticeable that because of the many plastic surgery chin Pugacheva lost its former shape and became unnaturally angular, what Alla Borisovna does not look as before.

Plastic surgeons obviously removed too much in trying to return 69-year-old singer former youth. Many are also concerned that young husband Maxim Galkin was responsible for this transformation, insisting on the number of operations. No one can say for certain what prompted hypnotherapy to such a move, but fans are asked to finish it with beauty injections and facelifts.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that the network was rocked by a scandal due to sperm Kirkorov, which has suffered Galkin.

Galkin also staged trolling hard Sobchak.

And former wife of Vladimir Kuzmin told about the children Pugacheva from him.


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