Husky, shepherd or Alabai: Zodiac sign determines which breed of dog suits you

Хаски, алабай или овчарка: знак Зодиака определит, какая порода собак вам подходит

Everyone knows the saying: a dog is man’s best friend. If you have a desire to have a four-legged pet, but you don’t know what breed to choose, sign of the Zodiac under which you were born.

Aries – Alabai

A true friend in battle: the enemy will not let you, and your teammate’s back hide then, at the right moment to suddenly pop up and all bite.

Taurus – the Basset hound

The Basset is almost unteachable. They always look as if they were told that the world will end. They just – hounds. If the Basset hound picked up a trail – he just will not leave.

Twins Siberian husky

Incredibly beautiful and extremely friendly. The perfect combination of these qualities makes the people around them from the first sight and forever fall in love with the husky.

Хаски, алабай или овчарка: знак Зодиака определит, какая порода собак вам подходит

Cancer – collie

Versatile dog: can mouth, can serve. The main task of the collie to gather together all the herd and let him move in the right direction.

Leo – Yorkshire Terrier

This dog is a frequenter of fashion shows and stylish parties. York, all consider the most charming dogs in the world – they are not just beautiful, and brave.

Virgo – the giant Schnauzer

To see the Schnauzer night in a dark alley – not good. However, the Schnauzer is difficult to see, because he is strong, fast and devilishly tricky. And extremely fierce.

Libra – Chihuahua

Near Chihuahua anyone feels a great character: she’s so small and defenseless dog. In any unclear situation, you need to take her to handle and protect.

Scorpio – Doberman

Beautiful and crazy dog. Go to the desired goal on the bodies of defeated enemies, and those who did not die of horror at the sight of her charming smiles, bite the head!

Хаски, алабай или овчарка: знак Зодиака определит, какая порода собак вам подходит

Sagittarius – Staffordshire Terrier

The world’s best companion! A bad reputation does not prevent Staffordshire to stop up for a belt of Labrador in love to the owner. More than anything, Stafford loves people.

Capricorn – German shepherd

Reference service dog: no work withers and dries, loses the wool and the meaning of life. To live with a dog is to live in constant work: training, training and again training.

Aquarius – Jack Russell Terrier

If the Jack Russell caught you red-handed – out to fail. Would have to throw the ball. But we should remember that Jack Russell Terrier is not just a humourist, and a hunting dog.

Fish – the Afghan hound

If greyhounds just aren’t built to work with the person because they have different objectives. The Afghan hound and does not have any job except one: to decorate the world.

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