Hugging the baby with his left hand, spooky graveyard the V century archaeologists have uncovered all the secrets of the dead

Обнимала младенца левой рукой: жуткое кладбище V века раскрыло археологам все тайны мертвецов

In the East of England, researchers from the University of Sheffield have discovered an incredible a previously unknown Anglo-Saxon cemetery. As the press service of the University, scientists have discovered more than 20 tombs of men and women that date back to the beginning of the V – middle of the VI century of our era.

Archaeologists have begun excavations on a site located near the village of Scramby, after the local enthusiast using a metal detector found some Anglo-Saxon artifacts, including a gold plated copper brooch, iron plates to shields and spearheads.

Обнимала младенца левой рукой: жуткое кладбище V века раскрыло археологам все тайны мертвецов

It is noted that the researchers also managed to find amber necklaces, glass and crystal beads, as well as personal belongings of the deceased.

The researchers note that in all 20 found the graves was found a large number of items that match the funeral rites of the time. In the graves of women were found necklaces, consisting of hundreds of amber and crystal beads, tweezers for eyebrows, silver brooches and ornate handbags made of fabric. In the tombs of the men had discovered the weapons, like spears and shields.

It is noted that the graves were also artifacts that were used in ritual ceremonies.

Also, the graves of the children of the cemetery, which was excavated at the moment, were found, but one of the most interesting finds is the grave richly dressed woman with a baby, which she hugged with his left hand.

Currently, scientists are conducting studies, including the isotopic composition of teeth and bones.

Recall that Greek archaeologists found in the heart of the country, unknown until that time, a large settlement Dating from the late bronze age. It is clarified that the discovery was made during examination of the place of construction of a road that will link the cities of Larisa and Trikala.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” Bolivia was the first to excavate the tomb of the ancient Aymara civilization. They had spent more than 3 months. They lived in the region until in the XV century they were not conquered by the Inca Empire.

Also “Znayu” I wrote, southern Egypt, archaeologists found the skeleton of a pregnant woman in good condition. The disposal of approximately 3,700 years. The discovery may shed light on the history of fertility and survival in the ancient world. Apparently, the mother and her child died during childbirth.


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